A second batch of links. A rare thing indeed these days. Eric McHugh has a look at the defenses of the Patriots and Titans, as well as “The Fellowship of the Dinged.” Mike Lowe says the win earlier this season against the Titans has little meaning for the Patriots now. Garry Brown urges us not to fear the Titans Glen Farley says the Patriots won’t admit it, but things have changed now that they are the favorites. Tom King looks at a long season for Ty Law. Mark Farinella says Tom Brady seems almost too good to be true.

Sometimes, the cynical media corps that covers the Patriots finds it hard to accept Brady's aw-shucks persona as genuine -- probably because so many other professional athletes feign humility before one bizarre circumstance or another exposes them as frauds. But if Brady has a secret, evil side to him, no one has found it yet.

Still, we continue to try.

Chris Kennedy looks at an outstanding season by Willie McGinest. McHugh’s notebook says that Mike Cloud enjoyed viewing the game film from the first Titans game.

Mike Fine writes about the Eck acknowledging the big part Boston had in his career. Peter Gammons weighs in on Pete Rose.

Bill Simmons says LeBron has lived up the hype.

Mike Loftus says the Bruins players and management know that the time is now to get their act together.