Another item of interest today is over at Football Outsiders. Aaron Schatz, with a little input from myself put together in interview with the Providence Journal’s Tom Curran, who talks about not only the Patriots, but the effect of the internet on sports media and what the future might hold for all entities involved.

For Bruins fans, there is an interesting thread on the Bruins message board over at HFBoards. It is entitled “Media accountability” and Kevin Paul Dupont and Dale Arnold are among the participants in the thread. Dupont expresses frustration in trying to keep readers interested in a team that has been doing pretty much the same things for 25 years:

for the first time in, what, 30 (THIRTY!!) years, I got Jacobs last week to address the disarray of his franchise. Now we get to see what follows. Isn't that more important than me, Bob Ryan, Dan Shaughnessy, (fill in the blank) writing some lame open letter to Jacobs. Hell, he owns the team, let's see what he does (many more stories to follow, some he may even participate in).

I'll also remind those who might have seen it, I spent upwards of 2000 words on this very subject, devoting the entire Sunday notebook to it, the Sunday following their demise to the Devs this past April. I also did it when they finished dead last in spring of '97--with poignant quotes from guys like Middleton, Lemelin, et al. From a writing standpoint, it gets a little redundant.

Believe me, I know the frustration. Try spending 25-plus years at it, looking for ways to keep people interested, put a new spin on it, stay fresh, entertaining and informative (crying face here).

Later in the thread, Arnold weighs in, and counters those who may feel he is just a Bruins employee and will not criticize them.

I have criticized the Bruins for everything from coach firings (see Sutter, Bowness, Burns) to coach hirings (see Keenan, Kasper). I have criticized them for poor to awful drafting (see Evgeny Ryabchikov) to poor to awful free agent signings (see Coffey). Never once --- I repeat for emphasis --- never once, has anyone from the Bruins ever tried to stifle my opinions or questioned my right and duty to give them.

Dale goes on to say that he just doesn’t feel that his play-by-play gig on NESN is the proper place or time to debate the merits of Bruins ownership and management.

My job is to bring the game into the living rooms of people who would be there if they could, but for whatever reasons cannot. If you were at the game, you would not want me barking in your ear for a full sixty minutes about Jeremy Jacobs, Harry Sinden, Mike O'Connell, etc. You would want to watch the game.