Quick Links today, as time is short. Michael Smith turns in a feature article on Lawyer Milloy, who is finally just now starting to get comfortable in Buffalo and as a leader of the Bills. A well done piece, free of much of the nastiness and bitterness you might expect. There is still some there of course, but Milloy will be rooting for the Patriots in the playoffs, and he even has some compliments for Bill Belichick as a coach. He’s still doesn’t like how Belichick and the Patriots do business though. Tom Curran has better watch his back. He writes about the NFL mob figure known as “The Teflon Donahoe” and how he continues to skate from any harsh judgment despite a lengthy record of miscalculations. Curran needs to watch his back as there are plenty of Donahoe minions out there, who won’t hesitate to defend his honor and see that his record continues unblemished in the court of public opinion. Why?

...scrutiny will come later rather than sooner since Donahoe is a reliable and cooperative media source.

Michael Felger looks at the cult of Bill Belichick. Michael Holley ponders just why these Patriots are so good…talent is a conclusion he comes to. Something the team doesn’t get enough credit for. Christopher Price says short term thinking has meant success for the Patriots.

Gordon Edes says today’s 5:00 PM deadline for the Arod trade is no big deal. Tony Massarotti agrees. How’s this for going out on a limb here…nothing will happen today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

Celtics links are over at Fox Sports Net New England.

Two wins in 15 games for your Boston Bruins. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy look at the latest setup, a 4-2 loss to the Rangers.

Bill Griffith looks at the Joe Namath/Suzy Kolber incident.