A busy day and evening for the Boston Celtics, get the details on the trade, on #31 being raised to the rafters and the Celtics 116-95 loss to the Timberwolves at Fox Sports New New England.

A “D” for the running backs and a “C” for the offensive line, otherwise all “A’s” and “B’s” for the Patriots on Kevin Mannix’s report card this week. Ron Borges wonders why Bill Belichick chose to take the hard line with Richard Seymour, considering the concessions he made for Larry Izzo when Izzo’s father died earlier this season. How predictable was that article? Alan Greenberg wonders if the incident will cause Seymour not to re-sign here when his contract is up in two years. Tom Curran notes that:

Yesterday, a noted writer from the region's biggest newspaper said of Brady, "I'm still not convinced."

Hmm. I wonder who that was. Curran then goes on to make the case for Brady, and concludes that:

Tom Brady is far from the perfect quarterback. But he's a great deal closer to it than a lot of the other ones manning huddles in the NFL.

Is that a clever play-on-words by Curran there? Mike Reiss wonders if we’re going to see Deion Branch this weekend. Dan Pires and Michael Parente also take a look at the repercussions of the Seymour benching. The Patriot offense oftentimes gets overlooked, or criticized as a weak link on the team, but Michael Smith says the group doesn’t take a backseat on the road to the postseason. Bill Reynolds is still trying to get used to the idea that the Patriots are the best team in football. Rich Thompson looks ahead to the New York Jets. Jim Donaldson blasts NFL celebrations as “self-indulgent”, “self-aggrandizing”, “over the top” and knocks them for doing something outrageous just to get attention. All qualities and things a columnist would never show or do, right? (Not saying this Donaldson column is an example of that, just speaking in general.) Curran contrasts how Jim Haslett handled the Joe Horn situation to how Bill Belichick handled the Richard Seymour situation.

Parente’s notebook has the Patriots focused only on beating the Jets. Thompson’s notebook has more on Seymour, as does Curran’s notebook. Reiss’ notebook has still more on Seymour and a brief bit on NFL tiebreakers.

Tony Massarotti says you can count on Alex Rodriguez coming to the Sox. He doesn’t call it a “done deal”, but says it’s impossible to believe anything contrary to that. Bob Hohler & Gordon Edes report on the “gaining momentum of the deal. Jeff Horrigan assures us that one way or the other, this will all be resolved very soon. Sean McAdam says the Red Sox have to find some young pitcher to send to the Rangers before the deal can be made. Paul Doyle gives us the book on A-Rod. Gordon Edes looks at who might be possibilities to fill holes for the Red Sox if Manny and Nomar are both dealt. The notebooks look at the likely acquisition of Mark Bellhorn from the Rockies, who would play an infield role. The Globe, Herald and Projo all look at the six year veteran.

Both Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy look at the Bruins getting back to basics. Douglas Flynn looks at Peter Laviolette rejoining the NHL coaching ranks. Conroy’s notebook looks at Sergei Samsonov healing up.

Bill Griffith looks at another record setting ratings week for the Patriots. John Molori has visions of shortstops dancing in our heads.

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:30.