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Thanks to all of you who made the BSMW Fall Fund Drive a smashing success. The goal amount was exceeded with a few strong donations over the weekend. The drawing for the TiVo and other prizes will be held tonight and the winners will be notified via email.

Bill vs. Bill is over. Thank goodness. The Patriots throw a 12-0 shutout at Parcells and the Cowboys.

The Bill vs. Bill hype got old fast. That it had gotten to that point was the media's fault of course. We got lazy and drove that storyline into the ground. You would have thought that, instead of a real football game last night, what actually was going to happen was Parcells and Belichick putting on boxing gloves and duking it out instead of their teams deciding which was the better one, and perhaps who was the better coach, for ONE day at least.

Those are the words of Lenny Megliola this morning, looking back at two weeks of hype. Game stories from last night are filed from Michael Smith, Tom Curran, Michael Felger, Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente.

Ron Borges says this Patriots team just continues to do what it takes to win. If you watched the Cowboys play the last two weeks, you saw why the Patriots kept Tom Brady and sent Drew Bledsoe packing. When the Cowboys “brought the house” Bledsoe couldn’t handle it while Brady made them pay. Kevin Mannix looks at Brady’s decisions under fire. Bob Ryan says Parcells didn’t seem overly surprised that his team found itself pretty much overmatched last night. Jim Donaldson continues his streak of taking a shot at Pedro Martinez in each article he writes, even if the article is about football coaches. Even Dan Shaughnessy can play it straight on a great theatre night like we saw last night. Michael Gee says that now both Bills can concentrate strictly on football for the rest of the season. Michael Holley looks at the long road to a career .500 record for Belichick.

Mike Reiss and Nick Cafardo look at the Patriots first shutout in seven years. Paul Kenyon looks at big games for two former Parcells students, Ty Law and Tedy Bruschi. Rich Thompson says that a few strong runs from Antowain Smith was all that was needed to keep the Cowboys honest on D. Shira Springer looks at costly penalties by the Cowboys. Kevin McNamara looks at the Patriots taking their shots downfield and connecting enough to make Dallas pay. Ed Gray looks at the Patriots defense making some huge plays. Andy Nesbitt has a piece on another prime time deep catch by David Givens. Dan Pires & Tim Weisberg look at a rough return to Foxboro for Bill Parcells. Dan Ventura looks at a rough second half for Quincy Carter. Reiss also looks at the massive media horde that descended upon Gillette Stadium last night. Yesterday, Hector Longo said that Ty Law was on audition for Parcells and the Cowboys last night. If that’s the case, Law did quite well. Karen Guregian looks at the Cowboys running afoul of the Law. Curran looks at the playoff picture for the Patriots. Ian M. Clark looks at how injuries on offense have allowed others to step up and shine for the Patriots. Cafardo gives Terry Glenn a forum to recant his comments about hating New England. He was just kidding, you know.

Smith’s notebook says that once again, Tom Brady was good enough to win. Felger’s notebook looks at the Teds returning to health. Curran’s notebook looks at the Patriots making do without Troy Brown. Parente’s notebook also looks at the return of Johnson and Washington.

Steve Conroy looks at another blazing start to the season for the Bruins. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at how this fast start could have a different ending than the disappointing one we saw last season.

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Jeff Jacobs weighs in on baseball’s steroid policy.

FSNE has Celtics/Knicks at 7:30. ESPN2 has Yale/UConn in the preseason NIT at 7:00. ABC has Steelers/49ers at 9:00.


The BSMW Fall Fund Drive

The BSMW Fall Fund Drive wraps up this weekend. As of this posting we’re less than $250.00 away from the stated goal. I cannot tell you how outstanding that is, and how it makes me feel. Thank you so much to those who have already made a donation. You can still donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. Again, the drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Interesting article in the Toronto

Interesting article in the Toronto Globe & Mail regarding a dispute between hockey writers and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The legendary Red Fisher has withdrawn from the Hall in protest. The Bruins own Harry Sinden is at the center of this dispute.

Who's to blame? Hay said Harry Sinden, the president of the Boston Bruins and a Hall of Fame director, played a role in the decision to spell out the media's limited status. In 2002, Sinden became upset when the media selection committee voted Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe into the Hall.

"[Dupont] wasn't in Harry Sinden's good books," Hay said. "And Sinden talked about giving the [main selection committee] or the board the opportunity to veto anybody that [the media selection committee] nominated. Of course, I wasn't going to have anything to do with that."

But out of the Sinden snit came the Hall's decision to officially differentiate between media and honoured members.

"We wanted to make it clear media members are not honoured members and never were," Hay said.

Today is the final weekday

Today is the final weekday for the BSMW Fall Fund Drive. A strong finish today and this weekend could bring us very close to the goal amount. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. Again, the drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

I have tried, all week, to get caught up in the return of Bill Parcells to Foxboro. I have re-read all the old stories, listened to all the old interviews, and even made middle-of-the-night telephone calls to the New York Jets to inquire about their head coaching position, just as the Tuna once did.

That’s Steve Buckley, tell us in a premium column for the Herald that he’s just not into the hype this week. I don’t sense that fans are pacing in anticipation, either. The papers have been full of stories. Radio has tried to run with the story. But things are different this time. The Patriots have a Super Bowl championship since Parcells left them. The Tuna never won one here, so could it be that the fans, with the exception of a rabid few, are over him? Certain media people are the ones who are in love with the legend of Parcells in the first place. It appears the apex of the Parcells stories was yesterday, and now we can get onto the actual game.

Michael Felger says Richard Seymour will be ready to go for Sunday night. Tom Curran compares the Patriots position by position, not with the Cowboys but with the 2001 Championship team. He declares the 2003 version better. Michael Smith has the Patriots shrugging off the words of former teammate Terry Glenn. Nick Cafardo has a mini-feature on Tyrone Poole. Alan Greenberg and Christopher Price look at Quincy Carter. Joe Haggerty has a look at David Givens. Ian M. Clark says the injury list is shortened, but the Patriots still have some tough decisions to make. Michael Parente says the Patriots young receivers are going to need to come up big over the second half of the season. Felger’s notebook says Ted Washington and Ted Johnson did not practice yesterday. Parente’s notebook says Bobby Hamilton is not a “Parcells guy.”

From yesterday, a few leftover Bill vs. Bill stories from the papers that update later in the day. Hector Longo compares the Bills. Glen Farley reviews the Tuna’s tenure in Foxboro. Eric McHugh looks at the wit and wisdom of Parcells. Tom King also looks at the matchup of the Bills.

Get your Celtics links on Lebron James invading the FleetCenter and Paul Pierce’s early season struggles at Fox Sports Net New England.

David Heuschkel talks to a number of former Red Sox managers, including Darrell Johnson, Ralph Houk, Dick Williams and Joe Morgan to get their advice to give to whomever takes over the job this offseason. He includes job requirements and hazards of the position. Michael Silverman says the Sox have expressed “early and significant interest” in former Blue Jay Kelvim Escobar. Sean McAdam says the Sox are stuck with Manny. Silverman’s notebook says the Sox have agreed to a new deal with Mike Timlin.

Karen Guregian looks at the Bruins recent PR efforts. Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins opinion that controlling salaries are key to survival in the NHL. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins’ net worth. Stephen Harris looks at PJ Axelsson. Harris’ notebook looks at the Bruins defense. Bill Griffith looks at Paul Stewart joining the NESN crew.

Bob Ryan on soccer? Yep. If Ryan wrote about shuffleboard, I think I’d read it.

FSNE has Celtics/Cavs at 7:30. NESN has Bruins/Blue Jackets at 7:00. ESPN has Spurs/76ers at 8:00 and Magic/Nuggets at 10:30.

Yes, time is ticking down

Yes, time is ticking down on the BSMW Fall Fund Drive. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. The drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Get your Celtics links from last night’s loss to the Bulls at Fox Sports Net New England.

Michael Holley has a very interesting look at Parcells and Belichick this morning. Remember, Holley spent the better part of a year on the “inside” with the Patriots, so he’s likely to have some stuff that others aren’t. The point of his article is that there are many paths to success. These two have different ways of getting there, different ways of operating. A few tidbits:

At one point during training camp 2001, Belichick became so determined to speak with the childish Glenn that he told a team employee to intentionally block his car in the players' parking lot. That way, he would be certain to speak with the elusive wide receiver before he left Smithfield, R.I.

On the week leading up to the Patriots/Packers SuperBowl, Holley says:

At one point during the planning for Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans in 1997, Parcells's phone calls to Hempstead, N.Y., approached the high 50s. Hempstead is the administrative home of the New York Jets, the team Parcells took over shortly after the Patriots lost to the Packers.

In the end, both coaches have been successful on the biggest stage. They have different ideas and techniques.

These championship coaches were always different personally, which doesn't surprise most people. But their professional differences are probably more pronounced now than they were then...

...Belichick likes his defenses to have multiple looks, and would prefer a simplified offense. Parcells is the opposite.

Probably the most revealing piece of information in that piece was that Parcells never was, isn’t now, and never will be Belichick’s “mentor”. The Bill vs. Bill hype is really getting into full swing now. Both Bills have struck a respectful tone towards each other, as evidenced by Parcell’s conference call with the reporters yesterday. Michael Felger and Mike Reiss rehash what Parcells had to say and show why the spotlight will always love him. In contrast, Belichick’s press conference was much more about the game, though it was inevitable that Parcells’ name would come up. Glen Farley takes an extensive look at relationship of the two Bills and why this matchup is so important. Alan Greenberg has more on Parcells, and looks at his relationship with his son-in-law, Scott Pioli. Jim Donaldson says the two Bills try to not make this all about themselves, but it really is. Michael Parente looks at their mutual respect for one another. Bill Reynolds revisits the NJ roots of Parcells. Dan Pires looks at the effort to tone down all the Bill talk.

As for the actual game, Michael Smith says the Patriots will just need to be in attach mode on offense against the Cowboys. Tom Curran looks at Tom Brady’s ability to foil the opposing blitz by making quick decisions. Karen Guregian says Brady has never even met Parcells, so the coach won’t be in his head. Unlike a former Patriots QB. Christopher Price looks at how the Cowboys have put the D back into the Big D. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots youth movement paying huge dividends. Smith has a one-on-one with Eugene Wilson for the Globe SportsPlus. Greenberg’s notebook looks at no conference call for Terry Glenn. Parente’s notebook says that Mike Compton wants to return to the Patriots. Smith’s notebook has Parcells commenting on Belichick. Felger’s notebook says the Patriots did have interest in Kevin Johnson. Curran’s notebook says defeats still make Parcells want to throw up in his mouth.

Michael Silverman, Steven Krasner and Gordon Edes report on the Sox interviewing Angels Bench coach Joe Madden. In that same article, Edes says that Curt Schilling would veto a trade to the Red Sox, but would like to play for the Yankees or Phillies. (Info also appears in Silverman’s notebook.) Over the weekend, Peter Gammons had said Schilling would rather play in Boston instead of for New York. Tony Massarotti looks at the Sox interest in free agent closer Keith Foulke. Stan Grossfeld looks at the tragic end to the life of former Sox prospect Dernell Stenson. Silverman’s notebook observes the quiet at the GM meetings.

George Steinbrenner is furious that two writers, including Bill Ballou of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette left Hideki Matsui off their rookie of the year ballot. Jack O’Connell of the Courant, who conducts the balloting, weighs in on the matter. Somehow George wasn’t this upset when one of his NY press minions left Pedro off the MVP balloting in 1999. Different issue? Not really. Very similar in fact.

Steve Conroy looks at the Bruins prospects on defense. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the play of the fourth line. Conroy’s notebook looks at penalty killing.

Yes, time is ticking down

Yes, time is ticking down on the BSMW Fall Fund Drive. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. The drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Get your Celtics links from last night’s big 78-76 win at Indiana at Fox Sports Net New England.

The Bruins also had a big win last night. Stephen Harris, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Joe McDonald and James Murphy have the game coverage from the FleetCenter of the Bruins 4-3 win over Edmonton. One of the stories around the Bruins from the last couple days was the frustration of Joe Thornton in the abuse and shots he takes on the ice, with seemingly no protection. In his frustration, Joe talked retirement. He’s 24 years old. Michael Holley and Steve Conroy put to bed any notion that Jumbo Joe might hang ’em up. Who was this guy that was all over the airwaves yesterday? That was Jeremy Jacobs himself, appearing on WEEI and NESN to talk about his club, and also meeting with the media in between periods of the game last night. Joe Gordon reports on what he had to say. The WEEI bit for one, was a disappointment. It was hyped and emphasis made on Jacobs taking calls from listeners. During the hour of the program, I would say they took less than 10 calls. Whether this was a condition drawn up by Jacobs, or what, I don’t know. Jacobs did come off fairly well in the session, however. Interesting was his claim that he’s never set a budget for Harry Sinden or Mike O’Connell. They’ve also been the one not to spend his money. He dismissed the idea that Martin Lapointe was signed as part of a spat with the owner of the Red Wings. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at Cam Neely’s charitable efforts. Andy Nesbitt looks at the on-ice contributions of Martin LaPointe. Conroy looks at another strong effort from Andrew Raycroft. Harris’ notebook looks at Sergei Zinovjev, sitting out last night to learn from Wayne Cashman. McDonald’s notebook has more on Thornton. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook also looks at Jumbo Joe.

Countdown to Sunday night continues. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider gives us a detailed look at the grudges held between Parcells and Belichick, and focuses on how important this game is, particularly to Parcells. He also looks at Terry Glenn’s inflammatory comments towards New England, and has speculation on the punting position and also interest in Kevin Johnson on the part of the Patriots. Tom Curran also takes a look at the Belichick/Parcells matchup, and notes that this is different from the old Jets/Patriots battles. The coaches and teams aren’t quite as familiar with each other as they were during those old Tuna Bowls. Jonathan Comey leads off with Bill vs. Bill for his Wednesday Morning QB article. Eric McHugh looks at Terry Glenn’s rebirth in Big D. Nick Cafardo writes about Tedy Bruschi, who although he played for Parcells, isn’t one of the big story lines in this weeks battle. Steve Buckley has a pay column looking at Bob Kraft trying to downplay the return of Parcells. George Kimball has one looking at how Parcells is handling his running back position. Curran’s notebook says Ted Washington will play on Sunday. Michael Parente’s notebook looks at the improvement of Quincy Carter. McHugh’s notebook looks at the Dallas defense.

A three way trade that would ship Nomar out and bring ARod in is a far fetched notion, says Gordon Edes. He looks at some of the realistic possibilities on the trade market. Michael Silverman has Theo calling the rumors “baseless”. Silverman’s notebook looks at the Sox interest in Curt Schilling. Gerry Callahan says the Red Sox need to trade Nomar and should look to get ARod in return:

The bad news, for all the young Nomie gnomes around New England, is that the Red Sox have to trade their best all-around player. The good news is that they might be able to get a better player in return. A much better player. The best there is, in fact. Alex Rodriguez is 28 and has been in the big leagues for nine seasons. We're still looking for a flaw.

Howard Bryant has his Boston Uncommon article today, which looks at loyalty in sports. There is none. But the times have changed, and teams may no longer need the identity of a superstar to keep their Logo out in front. Bryant also takes a little zinger at Tommy Heinsohn and they Cooz:

The outrage is similar on Celtics broadcasts, where Tommy Heinsohn and Bob Cousy routinely destroy point guards Mike James and Marcus Banks. Hey, guys, they're young.

By the way, virtually every clip of black-and-white footage from back in the day shows Cooz leaving his feet to pass and making no-look dishes in mid-air. But, back then, the NBA didn't keep turnover statistics.

FSNE has Celtics/Bulls at 7:00. ESPN has Spurs/Nets at 7:00 and Pistons/Warriors at 9:30. ESPN2 has College football at 7:30 with Marshall taking on Miami of Ohio.

Yes, just a few more

Yes, just a few more days of the BSMW Fall Fund Drive Then you won’t see this annoying message each day anymore. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. The drive will last this week and next and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Ron Borges draws the lead for the second day in a row, as he looks at the position the Patriots find themselves in after the bye week. He notices what is going on over in Orchard Park as well: (I had to preserve this for posterity)

As for the Bills, they are so far removed from the team they appeared to be in the first two weeks of the season you might think aliens landed in Orchard Park and invaded the bodies of Drew Bledsoe, Lawyer Milloy, and their teammates...

...Bledsoe has been dreadful, the running game has been nonexistent, and the receivers are no longer the explosive group they were a year ago when Peerless Price was among them.

Your powers of observation do you credit, Mr Borges. (Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie that quote was paraphrased from.) Tom Curran looks at Bill Belichick, only focused on this week, and not any magic numbers. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots’ focus this week and has Ty Law do a little comparison of Parcells and Belichick. Law is the subject of Rich Thompson’s article this morning, which has Law speaking about his matchup with Terry Glenn. Glen Farley says we can boo the Tuna, but should also always be appreciative to him for saving football around here. Michael Parente says the Cowboys defense might be the best that the Patriots will see all season. Michael Smith takes a look at players on the Patriots who still have ties to the Parcells era. Ted Washington told the media that yesterday that he would play on Sunday. Mike Reiss examines where the big fella is going to fit in on the field. Jon Wallach says what the two Bills have each accomplished this year is nothing short of remarkable. Jonathan Comey says Belichick’s focus is on the Cowboys, not on Parcells.

Smith’s notebook says that Belichick did a little scouting while watching TV Sunday. Thompson’s notebook has the Patriots coach sizing up the Cowboys. Parente’s notebook has more on Terry Glenn’s second return to New England. Reiss’ notebook has more on Law Vs. Glenn. Curran’s notebook looks at the Cowboy’s defense.

Michael Silverman says not to expect any big free agent signings by the Red Sox. Not surprisingly, Manny is “unfazed” by the Red Sox move to place him on waivers. Gordon Edes looks at that and other Red Sox items. Silverman’s notebook has more troubles for Byung-Hun Kim. Steve Buckley has a pay column begging the Sox not to trade Trot Nixon. He says:

Oh, he may run through the wrong wall, just as he may forget how many outs there are, but that's OK. He is one of those rare guys whose hustle, whose desire, has never been questioned, and you never have to wonder where he's looking, as his eyes are forever fixed, perhaps obsessively, on the prize.

Keep that in mind. It’s ok to forget how many outs there are, as long as you look intense.

Bill Reynolds issues three mini-columns in one. Two subjects include Pedro and Drew Bledsoe. Lenny Megliola looks at Doug Flutie at age 41. Joe Sullivan digs out two stories from NH sports lore. (I wasn’t aware that NH had any sports lore.)

Get your Celtics links at Fox Sports Net New England.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at Mike Knuble. Steve Conroy has a look at Sergei Samsonov and his importance to the Bruins. Joe Haggerty has a piece on Andrew Raycroft. Conroy’s notebook looks at Michal Grosek.

Bill Griffith looks at Fred Cusick being honored, and has a bit on the spat between Dale Arnold and Mike Keenan.

FSNE has Celtics/Pacers at 7:00. NESN has Bruins/Oilers at 7:00.

The Patriots might’ve taken the

The Patriots might’ve taken the week off, but we still have the weekly Thoughts by Kent Thaler.

Tom Donahoe is catching some heat in Buffalo. His reputation has taken a hit with the performance of the Bills in recent weeks. The Buffalo papers are turning on him and on Drew Bledsoe, and notes:

As we've previously explained, Donahoe set the table to take the credit if the team succeeded, and to blame Williams when the team failed. After all, it was Donahoe, not Williams, who quietly was fueling those expectations of a journey deep into the postseason. And it was Donahoe, not Williams, who was working the media to get a positive spin placed on the team's hopes.

It's Donahoe's manipulation of the media that has put him in that no-lose situation, one league exec told us. "He's got so many writers (especially the entire ESPN staff) in his pocket," said the source. "They blow him when he floats propaganda out there, but [they] refuse to report the crap that is blowing up in his face.

"Thanks to 'P.T' Donahoe, this city was printing Super Bowl tickets in February, advertising it after the [Takeo] Spikes signing, and began distributing them after the Milloy signing. He sold it, the media distributed it, and in the end Williams will lose his job because of it."

But maybe Donahoe won't be wearing a Teflon parka this winter. The media is beginning to realize that the team's poor performance casts doubt on Donahoe's decisions.

I sure sleep better at night knowing that our stout Boston media would never fall under the spell of a character like this.

Welcome to week two of

Welcome to week two of the BSMW Fall Fund Drive The weekend saw the total increase, and hopefully we can finish strong this week and achieve the stated goal. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. The drive will last this week and next and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Get your Celtics links from last night’s win over the Sacramento Kings at Fox Sports Net New England.

Ron Borges gives us a detailed feature on Bill Parcells, who even though he failed to bring a championship to New England, is still a compelling personality around these parts. An enjoyable read. Michael Felger looks at a very productive Sunday for the inactive Patriots. Alan Greenberg looks at how the Patriots have gotten themselves to 7-2, and where they go from here. Dan Pires gives us a midseason recap. Bill Burt tries to make a case for Tom Brady as the best QB in the NFL. Nick Cafardo looks ahead to the return of Ted Washington and what it means for the second half of the season. He says:

But now it's time to set the stage for the final seven games. The remaining schedule is easier, you say? Maybe on paper, but in reality it could be harder.

While Patriots supporters are quite naturally enthusiastic, the true greatness of a team (see 2001) is how it finishes. Will the Patriots be strong in December? Will they have momentum going into the playoffs?

Drat, the Patriots have been foiled again by the evil genius that is Tom Donahoe. He’s gotten the Bills in a perfect position to reel off a strong second half after getting their struggles out of the way early…I wring my hands and curse Bill Belichick for getting the Patriots to 7-2 at this point. How could he be so foolish? The Globe gives us a section on Tuna Bowl Reviews. Felger gives us an update on Rosevelt Colvin, who wants to reassure everyone that his injury is nowhere close to the one that essentially ended the productive career of Bo Jackson. George Kimball has a pay column on the Tuna, and the job he’s done in Dallas. When the Cowboys play the Patriots next week, it will mean that four out of the last five opponents Dallas has faced has been coming off their bye week and have had an extra week to prepare for them. The Cowboys have won the first three.

Gordon Edes and Tony Massarotti look at what Theo Epstein may be hoping to accomplish as he heads out to the general manager’s meetings today.

Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell look at Bruins defenseman Dan McGillis.

Frank Dell’Apa and Gus Martins look at the Revolution advancing to the next round of the MLS playoffs. Mike Biglin looks at key reserves stepping in to play big roles for the Revs. Susan Bickelhaupt looks at rookie Pat Noonan, who scored the only goal for the Revs yesterday.

John Molori reminds us that football is king of the TV ratings.

Bob Halloran wishes to be fired. Pro Sports style. Kevin McNamara looks at College hoops at PC, URI and Brown.

ABC has Eagles/Packers at 9:00.