So does this ARod to

So does this ARod to the Red Sox hype have any legs to it? Some people feel that it does. Peter Gammons was speaking at Harvard Law School last night and it was one of the topics he addressed. He feels that ARod wants to come here, and that Manny’s agent is pushing the Rangers to make the deal. He also feels he can be the “out front” type of star that the Sox don’t currently have. This morning, Steve Buckley also tackles the topic, noting that this Red Sox ownership group is obsessed with winning, and adding:

And, again, Alex Rodriguez wants to be here. That's key. Fact: Cooperative players help teams make money off the field. And Manny Ramirez does not want to be here. That, too, is key. If you accept the premise that being ``comfortable'' is more important to Ramirez than being ``competitive,'' and if you believe just the opposite is now true with Rodriguez, it's easy to understand why the Red Sox would be eager for some kind of arrangement that would land A-Rod in Boston and Manny . . . anywhere else.

Buckley advises us to stay tuned, as something very interesting could be happening this offseason around here. Bob Hohler reports in the Globe today that Terry Francona appears to the be clear favorite in the managerial race, as he met privately with principal owner John W. Henry in Florida yesterday. Bob Ryan weighs in on the steroid issue in baseball. Howard Bryant’s Boston Uncommon article today is also on the subject of steroid use in baseball and he calls for Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa to address the issue.

Michael Felger, in his Patriots Insider looks at the post-playing career plans of Rodney Harrison and Fred McCrary, both of whom plan to don stripes. He also looks ahead to the Texans. Jim Donaldson declares this a trap game.

Still, I am worried about the Texans. I am worried that the Patriots are due to slip up, that they're due to stumble, that they're due to lose concentration, that they're due to lose a game.

Michael Holley says we should all know better than to predict anything in this league. Jonathan Comey has his Wednesday morning QB article, and he discusses the possibility of Keyshawn playing for the Patriots. He also puts the Pats at # 2 in his power rankings. Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente look at the signing of J.J. Stokes. Nick Cafardo looks at Troy Brown, and what he still has to offer the Patriots. Cafardo fears that Brown will soon be out the door courtesy of that heartless brute, Bill Belichick.

Maybe sometime down the road, Brown will go the way of other Patriot veterans who wanted to spend their entire career here only to be cut as part of the more businesslike approach the Patriots have taken in recent years.

God forbid the Patriots handle their business with a businesslike approach. That would just be wrong. That’s so unlike Ralph Wilson and the Bills, who have allowed franchise players like Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, etc to end their careers playing for the same team, right? Karen Guregian says that the Patriots as a team have a closer mentality. Christopher Young says that it is time to take this Patriots team seriously. Hector Longo says it isn’t time to be making SuperBowl plans just yet. Glen Farley looks at the weakness in the punting game. Eric McHugh looks at the receiving depth. (Before signing Stokes) Felger’s notebook looks at the signing of Stokes. Cafardo’s notebook does likewise. McHugh’s notebook looks at the call on Eugene Wilson at the end of the game Sunday.

Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning QB is available at Football Outsiders. Oh yeah, Thoughts by Kent Thaler is available too.

Stephen Harris looks at the Bruins getting ready to face a team that has given them all sorts of trouble, the Atlanta Thrashers. Win Bates looks at a new book by Phil Esposito. Ron Indrisano looks at the difference in the Bruins when Sergei Samsonov is in the lineup. Harris’ notebook looks at how the Thrashers are coping with tragedy.

Get your Celtics links at Fox Sports Net New England.

Barry Scanlon looks at the role of hype in American sports.

FSNE has Celtics/Hornets at 7:00. NESN has Bruins/Thrashers at 7:30. ESPN has Pistons/Grizzlies at 9:00.


Here are the winners from

Here are the winners from the BSMW Fall Fund Drive

Grand Prize – (TiVo) David Hayes, Springfield, VA.
2nd Prize – ($50 Gift Certificate) Daniel Murphy, Canton, MA
3rd Prize – (Sports book & DVD) Rodger von Kries, Mission Hill, MA

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone who donated to the drive.

The winning names have been

The winning names have been drawn. Emails dispatched to the winners. When I hear from them all, their names will be posted here.

Get your Celtics links from a disappointing 89-86 loss to the Knicks, as well as an article from Bob Ryan that will put your day on even more of a downer over at Fox Sports Net New England.

Kevin Mannix hands out report cards after the win over Dallas. The offensive line, which protected Tom Brady from the pass rush that had engulfed Drew Bledsoe and Patrick Ramsey the last two weeks, got a C – The coaching gets an A, but Mannix is also quick to note that now Parcells will be out to settle the score after losing to Belichick by such a wide margin. Whatever, Kevin. I’m told that the exchanges between Mannix and Belichick when Kevin asks a question are priceless. Belichick has no use for Mannix, and why should he? The man has made some of the most egregious personal attacks to appear in a paper this side of Morrissey Blvd. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots staying humble despite their success, and focusing on the Texans this weekend. Tom Curran reports on the wide receiver position for the Patriots, having success in the passing game despite injuries. Ron Borges surveys the AFC field, notes that the Patriots really don’t have anything to worry about in their division, but does throw up a few warning flags. He isn’t all doom and gloom however, as he notes:

At this juncture, what you need most is a team getting healthier, not sicker, and one that doesn't contribute to its own demise very often. Bill Belichick has such a team. How far he goes with it no one honestly can say, because while the Patriots are playing as well as anyone in the AFC, they are -- like their competitors in Kansas City, Indianapolis, Nashville, Denver, and Miami -- flawed.

Mike Reiss looks at the innovation of the Interchangeble Defense designed by Romeo Crennel and Bill Belichick. Ian M. Clark notes that plenty of hands pitched in on Sunday night. Michael Smith also looks at the Patriots D. Michael Parente looks at the play on defense as compared to last year. Dan Pires caught up with Terry Glenn after the game Sunday night. Reiss pumps up Crennel’s name as a successor to Gregg Williams in Buffalo. Bill Reynolds says Belichick doesn’t fit what “our” image is of a great coach, but that he is indeed one. Just what is “our” image and who is the “us” that created it? Gerry Callahan also writes about the image of Belichick in his pay column. Rich Thompson looks at the Patriots preparing for Houston next. Steve Buckley writes about the Patriot mistakes and that Houston is a trap game.

Looking back at Sunday night. Ken Lechtanski says Belichick and Parcells turned out to be friendly foes. Glenn Farley has Romeo Crennel admitting that this one meant a little more. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots plan working to perfection. Bill Burt says that the Bills saved football in New England. Hector Longo looks at a perfect game pitched by the Pats defense. David Pevear looks at the Patriots owning the Big D. Pevear also writes about Parcells, but notes

Sports fans from this area are uniquely obsessed with athletes and coaches who used to work here and also those who might be coming here next. Only with Bill Belichick do they seem totally satisfied with what they have. The better Bill, they believe.

A SuperBowl championship buys a lot of goodwill.

Reiss’ notebook reports that the Patriots have interest in J.J. Stokes. Thompson’s notebook looks at the Receiver’s role in beating the Dallas blitz. Curran’s notebook looks at another thunderous late game hit from Eugene Wilson. Smith’s notebook has an injury update.

Bill Griffith looks at the numbers, sights and sounds from Sunday night.

Ron Indrisano has a piece on the Bruins’ Ian Moran. Steve Conroy looks at the leadership of Martin Lapointe. Conroy’s notebook looks at some off-ice activities for Rolston and Boynton.

Tony Massarotti looks at ARod on the trading block. Joe McDonald and David Heuschkel get the thoughts of Mike Timlin on Grady Little.

Jon Couture says that if fans care about steroid use in baseball, they do have the power to make a change. Joe Sullivan tells us all the things he despises about sports. Then why have you spent your life writing about them?

Thanks to all of you

Thanks to all of you who made the BSMW Fall Fund Drive a smashing success. The goal amount was exceeded with a few strong donations over the weekend. The drawing for the TiVo and other prizes will be held tonight and the winners will be notified via email.

Bill vs. Bill is over. Thank goodness. The Patriots throw a 12-0 shutout at Parcells and the Cowboys.

The Bill vs. Bill hype got old fast. That it had gotten to that point was the media's fault of course. We got lazy and drove that storyline into the ground. You would have thought that, instead of a real football game last night, what actually was going to happen was Parcells and Belichick putting on boxing gloves and duking it out instead of their teams deciding which was the better one, and perhaps who was the better coach, for ONE day at least.

Those are the words of Lenny Megliola this morning, looking back at two weeks of hype. Game stories from last night are filed from Michael Smith, Tom Curran, Michael Felger, Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente.

Ron Borges says this Patriots team just continues to do what it takes to win. If you watched the Cowboys play the last two weeks, you saw why the Patriots kept Tom Brady and sent Drew Bledsoe packing. When the Cowboys “brought the house” Bledsoe couldn’t handle it while Brady made them pay. Kevin Mannix looks at Brady’s decisions under fire. Bob Ryan says Parcells didn’t seem overly surprised that his team found itself pretty much overmatched last night. Jim Donaldson continues his streak of taking a shot at Pedro Martinez in each article he writes, even if the article is about football coaches. Even Dan Shaughnessy can play it straight on a great theatre night like we saw last night. Michael Gee says that now both Bills can concentrate strictly on football for the rest of the season. Michael Holley looks at the long road to a career .500 record for Belichick.

Mike Reiss and Nick Cafardo look at the Patriots first shutout in seven years. Paul Kenyon looks at big games for two former Parcells students, Ty Law and Tedy Bruschi. Rich Thompson says that a few strong runs from Antowain Smith was all that was needed to keep the Cowboys honest on D. Shira Springer looks at costly penalties by the Cowboys. Kevin McNamara looks at the Patriots taking their shots downfield and connecting enough to make Dallas pay. Ed Gray looks at the Patriots defense making some huge plays. Andy Nesbitt has a piece on another prime time deep catch by David Givens. Dan Pires & Tim Weisberg look at a rough return to Foxboro for Bill Parcells. Dan Ventura looks at a rough second half for Quincy Carter. Reiss also looks at the massive media horde that descended upon Gillette Stadium last night. Yesterday, Hector Longo said that Ty Law was on audition for Parcells and the Cowboys last night. If that’s the case, Law did quite well. Karen Guregian looks at the Cowboys running afoul of the Law. Curran looks at the playoff picture for the Patriots. Ian M. Clark looks at how injuries on offense have allowed others to step up and shine for the Patriots. Cafardo gives Terry Glenn a forum to recant his comments about hating New England. He was just kidding, you know.

Smith’s notebook says that once again, Tom Brady was good enough to win. Felger’s notebook looks at the Teds returning to health. Curran’s notebook looks at the Patriots making do without Troy Brown. Parente’s notebook also looks at the return of Johnson and Washington.

Steve Conroy looks at another blazing start to the season for the Bruins. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at how this fast start could have a different ending than the disappointing one we saw last season.

Get your Celtics links at Fox Sports Net New England.

Jeff Jacobs weighs in on baseball’s steroid policy.

FSNE has Celtics/Knicks at 7:30. ESPN2 has Yale/UConn in the preseason NIT at 7:00. ABC has Steelers/49ers at 9:00.

The BSMW Fall Fund Drive

The BSMW Fall Fund Drive wraps up this weekend. As of this posting we’re less than $250.00 away from the stated goal. I cannot tell you how outstanding that is, and how it makes me feel. Thank you so much to those who have already made a donation. You can still donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. Again, the drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

Interesting article in the Toronto

Interesting article in the Toronto Globe & Mail regarding a dispute between hockey writers and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The legendary Red Fisher has withdrawn from the Hall in protest. The Bruins own Harry Sinden is at the center of this dispute.

Who's to blame? Hay said Harry Sinden, the president of the Boston Bruins and a Hall of Fame director, played a role in the decision to spell out the media's limited status. In 2002, Sinden became upset when the media selection committee voted Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe into the Hall.

"[Dupont] wasn't in Harry Sinden's good books," Hay said. "And Sinden talked about giving the [main selection committee] or the board the opportunity to veto anybody that [the media selection committee] nominated. Of course, I wasn't going to have anything to do with that."

But out of the Sinden snit came the Hall's decision to officially differentiate between media and honoured members.

"We wanted to make it clear media members are not honoured members and never were," Hay said.

Today is the final weekday

Today is the final weekday for the BSMW Fall Fund Drive. A strong finish today and this weekend could bring us very close to the goal amount. Thank you for those who have already made a donation. You can donate for a chance to win a TiVo Series2 Digital Video Recorder. Again, the drive will last through this weekend and the drawing will be held on Monday, November 17th. Please consider helping out the site in this way. Click on the above link for more details about the drive and other prizes up for grabs.

I have tried, all week, to get caught up in the return of Bill Parcells to Foxboro. I have re-read all the old stories, listened to all the old interviews, and even made middle-of-the-night telephone calls to the New York Jets to inquire about their head coaching position, just as the Tuna once did.

That’s Steve Buckley, tell us in a premium column for the Herald that he’s just not into the hype this week. I don’t sense that fans are pacing in anticipation, either. The papers have been full of stories. Radio has tried to run with the story. But things are different this time. The Patriots have a Super Bowl championship since Parcells left them. The Tuna never won one here, so could it be that the fans, with the exception of a rabid few, are over him? Certain media people are the ones who are in love with the legend of Parcells in the first place. It appears the apex of the Parcells stories was yesterday, and now we can get onto the actual game.

Michael Felger says Richard Seymour will be ready to go for Sunday night. Tom Curran compares the Patriots position by position, not with the Cowboys but with the 2001 Championship team. He declares the 2003 version better. Michael Smith has the Patriots shrugging off the words of former teammate Terry Glenn. Nick Cafardo has a mini-feature on Tyrone Poole. Alan Greenberg and Christopher Price look at Quincy Carter. Joe Haggerty has a look at David Givens. Ian M. Clark says the injury list is shortened, but the Patriots still have some tough decisions to make. Michael Parente says the Patriots young receivers are going to need to come up big over the second half of the season. Felger’s notebook says Ted Washington and Ted Johnson did not practice yesterday. Parente’s notebook says Bobby Hamilton is not a “Parcells guy.”

From yesterday, a few leftover Bill vs. Bill stories from the papers that update later in the day. Hector Longo compares the Bills. Glen Farley reviews the Tuna’s tenure in Foxboro. Eric McHugh looks at the wit and wisdom of Parcells. Tom King also looks at the matchup of the Bills.

Get your Celtics links on Lebron James invading the FleetCenter and Paul Pierce’s early season struggles at Fox Sports Net New England.

David Heuschkel talks to a number of former Red Sox managers, including Darrell Johnson, Ralph Houk, Dick Williams and Joe Morgan to get their advice to give to whomever takes over the job this offseason. He includes job requirements and hazards of the position. Michael Silverman says the Sox have expressed “early and significant interest” in former Blue Jay Kelvim Escobar. Sean McAdam says the Sox are stuck with Manny. Silverman’s notebook says the Sox have agreed to a new deal with Mike Timlin.

Karen Guregian looks at the Bruins recent PR efforts. Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins opinion that controlling salaries are key to survival in the NHL. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins’ net worth. Stephen Harris looks at PJ Axelsson. Harris’ notebook looks at the Bruins defense. Bill Griffith looks at Paul Stewart joining the NESN crew.

Bob Ryan on soccer? Yep. If Ryan wrote about shuffleboard, I think I’d read it.

FSNE has Celtics/Cavs at 7:30. NESN has Bruins/Blue Jackets at 7:00. ESPN has Spurs/76ers at 8:00 and Magic/Nuggets at 10:30.