The Patriots might’ve taken the week off, but we still have the weekly Thoughts by Kent Thaler.

Tom Donahoe is catching some heat in Buffalo. His reputation has taken a hit with the performance of the Bills in recent weeks. The Buffalo papers are turning on him and on Drew Bledsoe, and notes:

As we've previously explained, Donahoe set the table to take the credit if the team succeeded, and to blame Williams when the team failed. After all, it was Donahoe, not Williams, who quietly was fueling those expectations of a journey deep into the postseason. And it was Donahoe, not Williams, who was working the media to get a positive spin placed on the team's hopes.

It's Donahoe's manipulation of the media that has put him in that no-lose situation, one league exec told us. "He's got so many writers (especially the entire ESPN staff) in his pocket," said the source. "They blow him when he floats propaganda out there, but [they] refuse to report the crap that is blowing up in his face.

"Thanks to 'P.T' Donahoe, this city was printing Super Bowl tickets in February, advertising it after the [Takeo] Spikes signing, and began distributing them after the Milloy signing. He sold it, the media distributed it, and in the end Williams will lose his job because of it."

But maybe Donahoe won't be wearing a Teflon parka this winter. The media is beginning to realize that the team's poor performance casts doubt on Donahoe's decisions.

I sure sleep better at night knowing that our stout Boston media would never fall under the spell of a character like this.