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Get your Celtics links from last night’s big 78-76 win at Indiana at Fox Sports Net New England.

The Bruins also had a big win last night. Stephen Harris, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Joe McDonald and James Murphy have the game coverage from the FleetCenter of the Bruins 4-3 win over Edmonton. One of the stories around the Bruins from the last couple days was the frustration of Joe Thornton in the abuse and shots he takes on the ice, with seemingly no protection. In his frustration, Joe talked retirement. He’s 24 years old. Michael Holley and Steve Conroy put to bed any notion that Jumbo Joe might hang ’em up. Who was this guy that was all over the airwaves yesterday? That was Jeremy Jacobs himself, appearing on WEEI and NESN to talk about his club, and also meeting with the media in between periods of the game last night. Joe Gordon reports on what he had to say. The WEEI bit for one, was a disappointment. It was hyped and emphasis made on Jacobs taking calls from listeners. During the hour of the program, I would say they took less than 10 calls. Whether this was a condition drawn up by Jacobs, or what, I don’t know. Jacobs did come off fairly well in the session, however. Interesting was his claim that he’s never set a budget for Harry Sinden or Mike O’Connell. They’ve also been the one not to spend his money. He dismissed the idea that Martin Lapointe was signed as part of a spat with the owner of the Red Wings. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at Cam Neely’s charitable efforts. Andy Nesbitt looks at the on-ice contributions of Martin LaPointe. Conroy looks at another strong effort from Andrew Raycroft. Harris’ notebook looks at Sergei Zinovjev, sitting out last night to learn from Wayne Cashman. McDonald’s notebook has more on Thornton. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook also looks at Jumbo Joe.

Countdown to Sunday night continues. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider gives us a detailed look at the grudges held between Parcells and Belichick, and focuses on how important this game is, particularly to Parcells. He also looks at Terry Glenn’s inflammatory comments towards New England, and has speculation on the punting position and also interest in Kevin Johnson on the part of the Patriots. Tom Curran also takes a look at the Belichick/Parcells matchup, and notes that this is different from the old Jets/Patriots battles. The coaches and teams aren’t quite as familiar with each other as they were during those old Tuna Bowls. Jonathan Comey leads off with Bill vs. Bill for his Wednesday Morning QB article. Eric McHugh looks at Terry Glenn’s rebirth in Big D. Nick Cafardo writes about Tedy Bruschi, who although he played for Parcells, isn’t one of the big story lines in this weeks battle. Steve Buckley has a pay column looking at Bob Kraft trying to downplay the return of Parcells. George Kimball has one looking at how Parcells is handling his running back position. Curran’s notebook says Ted Washington will play on Sunday. Michael Parente’s notebook looks at the improvement of Quincy Carter. McHugh’s notebook looks at the Dallas defense.

A three way trade that would ship Nomar out and bring ARod in is a far fetched notion, says Gordon Edes. He looks at some of the realistic possibilities on the trade market. Michael Silverman has Theo calling the rumors “baseless”. Silverman’s notebook looks at the Sox interest in Curt Schilling. Gerry Callahan says the Red Sox need to trade Nomar and should look to get ARod in return:

The bad news, for all the young Nomie gnomes around New England, is that the Red Sox have to trade their best all-around player. The good news is that they might be able to get a better player in return. A much better player. The best there is, in fact. Alex Rodriguez is 28 and has been in the big leagues for nine seasons. We're still looking for a flaw.

Howard Bryant has his Boston Uncommon article today, which looks at loyalty in sports. There is none. But the times have changed, and teams may no longer need the identity of a superstar to keep their Logo out in front. Bryant also takes a little zinger at Tommy Heinsohn and they Cooz:

The outrage is similar on Celtics broadcasts, where Tommy Heinsohn and Bob Cousy routinely destroy point guards Mike James and Marcus Banks. Hey, guys, they're young.

By the way, virtually every clip of black-and-white footage from back in the day shows Cooz leaving his feet to pass and making no-look dishes in mid-air. But, back then, the NBA didn't keep turnover statistics.

FSNE has Celtics/Bulls at 7:00. ESPN has Spurs/Nets at 7:00 and Pistons/Warriors at 9:30. ESPN2 has College football at 7:30 with Marshall taking on Miami of Ohio.