Red Sox officials continue to try to hammer out an extension agreement with Curt Schilling which would bring the pitcher to Boston. Jeff Horrigan says Theo hopes to have the deal done sometime today, before the Holiday tomorrow. Kevin Gray says bet on Schilling to the Sox. He talks with the Arizona bullpen catcher, who is close to Schilling. Paul Doyle says a large part of the selling of Schilling on Boston will be Terry Francona. Doyle speaks with Rico Brogna, who played with Schilling in Philadelphia for Francona. Michael Gee has a pay column on the Francona/Schilling dynamic, and says that even if Schilling comes here, the first time he goes on the DL we’ll all be calling him a bum and questioning why the Sox didn’t go for Colon instead.

Don't say it wouldn't happen. Always has, always will. The delusional expectations that spin the Sox' wheel of causality are why the club hasn't won a World Series. As Donald Rumsfeld wrote of the war in Iraq, "the harder we work, the behinder we get.''

He says it’s the fate of the Red Sox for those things to happen. The Red Sox team that finally wins the series will be one that is picked to win about 75 games. Gordon Edes does some number crunching to determine how the Sox could afford Schilling, Foulke, and yes, ARod. Jimmy Golen of the AP looks at the shape of the 2004 Sox, and has quotes from Pedro on what it would be like for the Sox to get Schilling. Edes’ notebook has Francona already acting like the manager, and Horrigan’s notebook looks at the progress of the Foulke negotiations.

Michael Felger looks at what the return of Ted Washington has meant for the Patriots Defense. Ron Borges looks ahead to the Sunday matchup in Indy, and likes the Patriots chances. Michael Smith says the Colts win on BIG plays and if the Patriots can stop those, they’ll be in good shape. Jonathan Comey’s wednesday Morning QB looks at the Patriots in position to clinch a playoff berth this week, and how it all came about after the week one debacle. Alan Greenberg looks around the league at he playoff picture. Michael Parente says the Patriots are showing proper respect for the Colts. Jim Donaldson looks at the play calling of Charlie Weis and notes that you only have a problem with gambling if you lose. Smith’s notebook looks at Ken Walter and his job stability for this week. Felger’s notebook looks at the job the Pats secondary has in front of them this week. Parente’s notebook also looks at Walter.

Bruins had the lead with just over 30 seconds left last night, and still lost in OT. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Steve Conroy have the recap from St Louis. Jumbo Joe took a costly penalty at the end of regulation which gave the Blues the advantage of not having on the the NHL’s best players on the ice against them. Conroy’s notebook looks at the mistake by Thornton. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at a rough night all around for Thornton.

Celtics links are at Fox Sports Net New New England.

Jackie MacMullan looks at the firing of Holy Cross Football coach Dan Allen. The program is 1-11 this year, but the firing is noteworthy for because of Allen’s battle with multiple chemical sensitivity. Well, he wasn’t really fired, he was “relieved of his duties” and is still an employee of Holy Cross with full benefits. That part of it is classy by Holy Cross. Mark Blaudschun and John Connolly also look at the situation.

Monday’s edition of the Inside Track had this line:

Ex-NHL All-Star Joe Jaeger slapping down his credit cards while shopping at the Prudential Center Mall with a buxom brunette . . .

As far as I can tell, there has never been an NHL player by that name. There was a baseball player by the name of Joe Jaeger who pitched in two games for the 1920 Chicago Cubs, but no Hockey player. There is however a mysterious figure by that name on the BSMW message board who has posted exactly once in that forum. Has someone pulled a fast one on the Track Gals? Wasn’t me… (They didn’t mean Jaromir Jagr, did they?)

FSNE has Celtics/Magic at 7:00 ESPN has Pistons/Sixers at 7:00 and UConn/Georgia Tech at 9:30.