First off, I dislike using unnamed sources, and will not be putting stuff up like that on the site with my name again, as I did yesterday. I guess I could make the case that the trade was “announced” through various media outlets, and even talked about by Curt Schilling himself yesterday, but it certainly is not final. My info was bad, and it was a mistake to post it. Lesson learned. Jeff Horrigan and Sean McAdam report on the proposed deal and what it is going to take to get it completed and Schilling signed to an extension. Gordon Edes looks at the complete Red Sox picture, with Schilling, Terry Francona and Keith Foulke and what is likely to happen next. David Heuschkel says the ball is in Schilling court, the Sox would like it to be in his hand at Fenway the next few seasons. Jeff Jacobs says the Red Sox simply HAVE TO come to an agreement with Schilling, if only to keep him from the Yankees. Then we can sit back and watch what Steinbrenner and the Yankees do in reaction. Michael Holley writes about how the Sox need to go about their meeting with Schilling, skip the stats and talk baseball. (Though shouldn’t it be noted that Schilling was one of the first guys in baseball to carry a laptop with him everywhere?) Tony Massarotti likes what the Red Sox are trying to do here, and says Schilling and Foulke would be some great welcoming gifts for Terry Francona, expected to be named manager in the next week. Art Martone has a brief sidebar which should allay fears of Schilling’s performance and age. Gerry Callahan, a big Schilling booster, has a pay column today looking at how Schilling has grown up and matured since his days as a Sox farmhand and how he would be a perfect fit here. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the interview of DeMarlo Hale, which was lost in the excitement yesterday. The ProJo notebook looks at Foulke and Hale.

Nick Cafardo with the help of Tom Glavine has a very nice article in remembrance of Warren Spahn, who passed away yesterday at the age of 82. Well done. Don Amore also has a piece on Spahn.

Kevin Mannix has the Patriots Report Card for the week, he focuses on the achievements of Tom Brady, while handing out an F to special teams and a D to the offensive line. Tom Curran says Brady is the best in the clutch around here since the glory days of Larry Bird. Sometimes I fear Dan Shaughnessy goes too far the other way, setting us up for disappointment. That might be just my cynical nature though. Another positive article, though he does continue the glorious Globe tradition of taking a little shot at the Patriots coaches.

The Patriots and their fans have to stop thinking that New England's coaching staff is worth 7 points per game. There are good coaches on other teams, too, and it's arrogant to go into every week thinking you are smarter than the other guy.

Where that came from, I’m not sure. It mars an otherwise enjoyable article from Shaughnessy. Mike Reiss looks at the Pats as they come down the stretch run. Bill Burt says Tom Brady for President. Karen Guregian has more on Brady and his clutch performances. Alan Greenberg says the Patriots’ fragile offense gives their title hopes pause. Michael Smith’s notebook looks at the Patriots Dominant D.

The Celtics had another ugly loss last night to the Knicks. The links are at Fox Sports Net New New England.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the Bruins struggles in killing penalties. On WBCN on Sunday, Jonathan Kraft was high on the idea of the Bruins playing an outdoor game at Gillette stadium. In Stephen Harris’ notebook, several Bruins players think it’s a great idea as well.

Bob Ryan draws the tough assignment of covering the BC Eagles basketball team in the Virgin Islands. He reports on the 84-81 win for Boston College. Mike Shalin looks at the Bowl hopes of the Eagles football team.

Bill Griffith has the story of a local participant in the Golf Channel’s version of a reality show. He also looks at notes from the Patriots broadcast Sunday.

Somehow, the irony of this article from The Onion makes it a good fit for this page.

Kent Thaler has his weekly thoughts on the Patriots.

NESN has Bruins/Blues at 7:30.