Yesterday’s 23-20 Patriots OT victory over the Texans should leave everyone happy. The fans are glad to get a win, and those who touted this as a “trap game” can say they told you so. Good times all around. Michael Smith tells us the Patriots are just trying to sample every way possible to win a football game. Michael Felger says the Patriots just don’t lose close games. Tom Curran says they were just tough enough to win. (Good anecdote about the CBS representative, too) Alan Greenberg says the Pats couldn’t give this one away no matter how hard they tried. Michael Parente puts the win right up there with the other come from behind victories of the Tom Brady era.

Ron Borges says the fact that the Patriots can make as many mistakes as they did yesterday and still come out on top is encouraging and bodes well for the future. Yes, they do need to make improvements if they hope to return to Houston, but they can feel fortunate after winning games like this one. Kevin Mannix says the Patriots go by the old UMass slogan “Refuse to lose.” Jim Donaldson says that it is clear that the Patriots weren’t at their best, but at 9-2, they’re looking good. Dan Shaughnessy writes about the magic of Tom Brady. He made some Bledsoe-esque mistakes yesterday, but still rallied the team to victory. George Kimball has a pay column on Brady, who may not want to look back on some of the gaffes he made, but can look with pride at another comeback OT victory. Steve Buckley has a pay column on Adam Vinatieri shaking off a missed kick and a blocked kick to win the game in OT.

Nick Cafardo looks at Daniel Graham, who bounced back from some brutal drops to make a couple of huge clutch catches, including the game tying TD. Ian M. Clark reminds us that winning ugly is still winning. Kevin Mannix, Alan Greenberg and Jim Donaldson also write about the second year tight end. Steve Buckley looks at a huge game from Kevin Faulk. Tom Curran gives credit to Charlie Weis for imaginative play calling because of his depleted offensive roster. Michael Felger looks at a dominant performance by Richard Seymour. Michael Parente says the Patriots did not let the trap close on them. George Kimball looks at Mike Vrabel’s interception in OT. Cafardo has a look at Adam Vinatieri bouncing back from the missed and blocked kicks to nail the game winner. Brian McTaggert says the Texans just fell one defensive play short in this one. Jim Donaldson says that Ramone Walker would’ve been the player of the game had the Texans pulled this out.

Smith’s notebook looks at Kevin Faulk’s emergence as the lead back and some other roster shuffling. Felger’s notebook looks at Faulk and Rohan Davey moving up on the depth charts. Curran’s notebook has Brady making amends for early goofs. Parente’s notebook also looks at the emergence of Faulk.

Bob Hohler looks at the importance of stats and data in baseball, and how it will effect hiring practices in the game. Jeff Horrigan looks ahead to the interview of DeMarlo Hale by the Red Sox today. Yesterday, John Tomase looked ahead to the tough player decisions the Red Sox have to make soon. Namely, Jason Varitek.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks back at Saturday night’s Bruins loss to the Flyers. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins will not panic as a result of the disappointing loss. Yesterday’s hockey notes by Russ Conway looked at the rising attendance in Boston and a number of other items.

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A BSMW announcement – This site is now the on-line home to John Molori’s syndicated Media Blitz column. Each week’s column will be published on that page and archives of the column will be kept. This week Molori looks at Keyshawn Johnson’s FOX pregame appearance yesterday, and has news on Glenn Ordway’s contract negotiations with WEEI. Could he be taking the “Big Show” elsewhere?

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