A number of good articles in the Sunday papers today. Jackie MacMullan has an interesting look at Ty Law, who wants to stay here, and the implication is that he may just consider making some concessions with his contract after seeing what Lawyer Milloy is going through in Buffalo. Karen Guregian has a look at Rodney Harrison. John Clayton has an article on ESPN.com about the Patriots personnel decisons. Ron Borges looks at Keyshawn Johnson. The Borges article left me scratching my head a little bit. He seems to be defending Johnson pretty vigorously:

Johnson has long been perceived to be a selfish brat, but in reality he is not. He is insecure, afraid that he might not really be what he hopes to be, and his reaction to those fears is to beat his chest and stomp his foot.

He is not selfish. He is a young man without a sense of self, lost in the ego-driven mania of professional athletics.

OK. So he says Keyshawn is not selfish. A few paragraphs later, he says:

Not surprisingly, Keyshawn will get an instant forum to express his views on Fox's NFL pregame show today. It will be interesting to see if any of Fox's football-players-turned-journalists have the spine to ask him to explain his selfishness and the self-centered approach he has taken to life ever since he entered the NFL.

Um, which is it, Ron? Selfish, or not? This isn’t just a little swing of opinion here, it’s 180 degrees different…in one paragraph Keyshawn is not selfish, in the other he’s not just a selfish player, his whole approach to life is selfish. Of course, the bottom of the article contains the usual “Material from personal interviews, wire services, other beat writers, and league and team sources was used in this report.” So which part belongs to Ron? Did someone else write the second part? Does he think Keyshawn is selfish, or not? Weird.