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New England is still buzzing from Monday night. Morning came early yesterday, and I’m still feeling the effects this morning. Kevin Mannix gives us his report card for the outing. The coaching, QB and DB’s all get A’s this week. Michael Smith and Mike Reiss look at the Patriots proficiency at the two-minute drill. Michael Parente notes that everyone is contributing to the success of the team. Michael Felger has his Patriots Insider today, and it focuses on Parcells vs. Belichick, he gets reaction from many on Parcells, including players and front office types. He also brings up a few curious play calls from Monday night and even has a brief (2 question) mail bag. Nothing about the ex-groundskeeper though. Tom Curran looks at how the Patriots just keep winning in ways and places that you don’t expect them to. Michael Holley looks at the type of players the Patriots are winning games with, and winning everyone over with.

Alright…I’ll admit it. I enjoyed reading Dan Shaughnessy this morning. A great read. I even laughed at this line:

Denver newspapers (there are some real wiseguy columnists in this town; not sure how the readers tolerate it) had a field day with the Belichick-Mike Shanahan mismatch.

Was Dan being ironic with that line? I think he just might’ve been. Then again, some of the Denver columnists are just dreadful. One name: Woody Paige. If you’ve ever read him, he makes Jim Donaldson look great and if you’ve seen Paige on Around The Horn, you long to hear Bill Burt four straight hours on WEEI. Check out Paige’s thoughts before and after the Monday night matchup. Classic stuff. Anyway. Back to the Patriots. Alan Greenberg says these Patriots are proving themselves to be made out of a lot of tough guys. Ian M. Clark says Monday night was the antidote for the loss to the Redskins earlier in the season. Hector Longo recaps the win in Denver, and Christopher Price calls Belichick’s safety call the key to the game. Curran gives us a recap of the last eleven minutes of the game. Jonathan Comey hands out some midseason hardware.

Gerry Callahan has a pay column today on Tom Brady and his clutch performance and how he thrives in those situations. He writes:

No one is saying he's Elway or Montana yet, but he shares one trait with the great clutch performers of our time. As the clock ticks down, he perks up. The pressure mounts, the noise builds, Madden rambles haplessly, the folks at home gnaw their nails to the bone, and Brady rubs his hands together in the huddle. How we winning it this week, boys? He may look like Shemp in the headshot ABC kept showing, but when the heat is on, he sure seems to have a lot of Larry in him.

Amen to that. George Kimball has a pay column looking at the heat that Mike Shanahan is taking in Denver for his team’s collapse against the Patriots. Smith’s notebook looks at the league inquiring into the Richard Seymour injury. Parente’s notebook looks at Tom Brady continuing to mature as a QB.

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Lenny Megliola talks with the high school coach of Manny Ramirez. He provides some insight into what Manny’s youth was like and some of why he is the way that he is. Michael Silverman and Bob Hohler report on the Sox interviewing former Phillies manager and current A’s bench coach Terry Francona today. Hohler’s article also contains some notes, which indicate Mike Timlin is likely to stay aboard, and Todd Walker is less likely.

I mentioned this last night, but don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle. Check out the 2004 Ford C. Frick Award Nominee Voting. Ken Coleman and Ned Martin are two on this list. Joe Castiglione, Jerry Trupiano, Bob Montgomery, Sean McDonough and Jerry Remy are also on this list of nominees. But I can’t think of a better way to honor Coleman and Martin, both of whom passed away within the last two years then to get them honored with this award. Lets do what we can.

Stephen Harris says that Mike Sullivan doesn’t play mind games. Joe McDonald looks at the Bruins calling up Zdenek Kutlak from Providence. Harris’ notebook also looks at Kutlak.

Mark Blaudschun and Kevin McNamara look at the newly expanded Big East.

FSNE has Celtics/Pistons at 7:30. ESPN has Nuggets/Cavs at 8:00 and Grizzlies/Trail Blazers at 10:30. ESPN2 has Louisville/TCU college football at 7:30.