The Celtics look impressive in their opening night. Get your Celtics links at Fox Sports Net New England.

The Red Sox continue to shake things up, this time with a move that is bold and shocking. They’ve placed Manny Ramirez on irrevocable waivers, meaning any team can have him for his salary if they claim him anytime before midnight tomorrow. I am shocked and chagrined. As much as Sean McAdam disagreed with the move to not bring back Grady Little, you know he approves of this move just as much. Michael Silverman also reports on this move by the Sox. Jack Curry of the NY Times was actually one of the first to break this story. Art Martone of the Providence Journal picked up on the story and reported in on the Sons of Sam Horn board last night. As many of you know, Manny is a favorite of mine. When he comes to the plate, I have to stop whatever I’m doing and watch him. The protection he brings to the others in the lineup is unparalleled, just look at what David Ortiz has done in the past with the Twins and then this season hitting behind Manny. While his salary is ridiculously high, I want him on the team. Apparently the Red Sox don’t. I’ll trust in Theo, just as I trusted in Bill Belichick when he cut Lawyer Milloy and I’ll trust Danny Ainge for having traded Antoine Walker. It is curious to me however, that the move is announced the very same day they raised ticket prices for the ninth straight year, as reported by Bob Hohler. Attempt to dump your highest paid player and also raise ticket prices…not a good 1-2 message for the fans on the same day. Yesterday Ramirez won another Silver Slugger award and was also named the second best player in all of Major League Baseball, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Mike Reiss gives us a day in the life of a New England Patriot player. Tom Curran says the Patriots should win in Denver Monday night. Not hope to win, should win. Michael Felger looks at the Patriot preparation for Denver third string QB turned starter Danny Kanell, who in the last first years has played minor league baseball, Arena League football and coaching high school football. Michael Smith says the Broncos will be a challenge no matter how many injuries they have. Clinton Portis is one guy the Patriots have to stop. Michael Parente takes a look at the Broncos second year running back. Alan Greenberg looks at the reunion of former Boston College centers that will take place in Denver on Monday night. Christopher Price says the Patriots hope to finally break through in Denver. Reiss’ notebook has a look at a possible reason for the Patriots recent offensive woes. Parente’s notebook takes a similar view. Felger’s notebook looks at Belichick doing all he can to make sure there is no letdown on Monday night. Smith’s notebook takes a look at how Rodney Harrison passed up his first choice, the Broncos, to come to the Patriots. Curran’s notebook looks at Tom Brady hoping to erase bad memories of this first trip to Denver to play the Broncos.

Lawyer Milloy. Antoine Walker. Manny Ramirez (?) and PJ Stock. (!) Another legend of Boston sports is headed out of town. Of course, Stock doesn’t have the talent of the first three, he’s someone who certainly caught the attention and hearts of Bruins fans. The B’s shipped him out of town yesterday, moving him to the Flyers’ top minor league club. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the transaction. Steve Conroy looks at the play of Nick Boynton. Conroy’s notebook looks at the Stock trade.

Michael Vega and Mike Shalin look at Jim Calhoun and UConn holding hard feelings against Boston College.

Alan Lupo is tired of sports riots on the campus of UNH. Bob Halloran wants to see more celebrations in sports. (Not riots though.)

NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. TNT has Nuggets/Rockets at 8:00 and Cavs/Suns at 10:30. ESPN has BYU/Boise State college football at 7:30.