Jeff Horrigan tells us that for the first time in four years “Fall” won’t mean “Fail” at Fenway. Steven Krasner says the finish line is in sight. Paul Doyle looks at the Sox win and a strong finish from Byung-Hyun Kim. Bob Hohler looks at a win that included the Sox full complement of players. Michael Silverman looks at Jeff Suppan, taking it one pitch at a time. Kevin McNamara has another look at last night’s Sox starter. Jackie MacMullan says Grady deserves to be back next year. Lenny Megliola looks at another night closer to the playoffs for the Sox. Kevin Paul Dupont examines the life and times of Tim Wakefield, who next year will mark his 10th year in Boston, a seeming miracle for a knuckleball pitcher picked up off the scrapheap. Alex Speier looks at the return of the bats last night at Fenway. MacMullan also looks at another shaky ride from the bullpen. Jim Fennell looks at former Sox player and manager Butch Hobson, one win away from managing the first ever two time champion of the Atlantic League. Steve Buckley has a pay column looking at Kim, who he thinks might be on track after Grady yanked in him from the game last Friday night. Dupont has a quick look at David Ortiz, who hit # 28 last night after a brief slump. Silverman looks at Scott Williamson and his concerns off field with the health of his infant son and wife. Horrigan’s notebook looks at a baserunning blunder from Johnny Damon that would’ve been a capital offense had Manny done it. (Not from Horrigan, just in general.) Damon can joke about with the media, so he’s all set. Hohler’s notebook looks at Williamson’s situation. Krasner’s notebook has more on the same topic.

The injuries are still the topic with the Patriots. Bob Ryan looks at the situation, acknowledges Belichick’s attempts at black humor on the topic, and looks for the positives…the contribution of the rookies who have stepped in to fill big shoes. I still say some of Ryan’s colleagues at the Globe could learn so much from Ryan. Kevin Mannix hands out the weekly report card. B’s and C’s all around. Tom Curran looks at what the Pats are trying to do to deal with the hand they’ve been dealt. Alan Greenberg looks at the injuries and what the Pats are doing to get by. Jim Baker has another injury related article. Check out what Tom Brady’s elbow looked like last week after the Philly game. Nick Cafardo looks at the cuts into the roster all these injuries have made. Dan Pires wonders what’s next for the Pats. From Saturday, Mark Farinella calls Bill Belichick a liar. Even the reporters from the small papers don’t get it. The fans don’t care how Belichick treats you guys, or if he makes you feel like a moron so quit whining about it. If fact, I’d venture to guess most fans enjoy that part of it. Don’t try to say he’s doing injustice to the fans by how he treats you, either. Do your job, there are other sources of information besides Belichick’s press conferences. Back to the injuries, never mind the jokes, the loss of Ted Washington is huge for this team. Michael Parente looks at what it means for the team. Rich Thompson also looks at what the big guy means inside. Jon Wallach is concerned about all the injuries. Mike Reiss says it’s time to lower the expectations for this team. Gerry Callahan has a pay column in which he tells us the broken hearts in the locker room from two weeks ago have been replaced with broken hips, legs and arms. He concludes:

We said it two weeks ago, we'll say it again. Now we'll find out what kind of coach Bill Belichick really is. He bounced back nicely after making the mistake with Milloy, but that was then. This is now. The broken hearts have healed. The broken bones will take a while. Until then, the Patriots need more than a smart coach with a good plan. They need a miracle.

Ian M. Clark says the running game is on the rebound. Christopher Price says one of the reasons Bill Belichick can still sleep at night is Adam Vinatieri. Thompson’s notebook looks at Mike Compton, finished for the year. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the acquisition of Wilbert Brown. Curran’s notebook looks at Jarvis Green, hoping for a shot at the nose tackle. Parente’s notebook has more on the injury report.

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