As you see, no links today. Still under the weather. Besides, what do you need me for today, I’m sure you all already knew what all the stories in the papers were going to say today anyways…not good. As Kevin Mannix showed yesterday, things are clearly personal between Bill Belichick and the media in this town.

Bill Simmons kept a running diary of the day yesterday, a day that started with so much promise…

Today is also the launch of a new weekly feature for BSMW. If you’ve read the Patriots USENET newsgroup at all, you surely know Kent Thaler. He’s been doing a weekly “thoughts” posting in that forum for a number of years. It includes 20 (occasionally 10) thoughts of his, mostly involving the Patriots, but also branching out into other sports, and subjects. It’s for his thoughts on the Patriots though, that I’ve decided to start posting his thoughts columns here as well. He hooked me during the 2001 road to the SuperBowl, when he outlined what was going to happen in each game, and why the Patriots would beat the opponent that week.

The column doesn’t have a whole lot to do with media, though Kent does occasionally go into that area as well. I’m bringing the column here to add some more quality content to the website. You may not always agree with him, but I think you’ll enjoy the weekly thoughts, and they’ll make you think and react as well. The Thoughts will be archived each week, and you’ll be able to access previous versions though the Archives page.

Without further ado, here is this week’s edition of Thoughts from Kent Thaler.

Peter King’s MMQB contains a different perspective on Milloy than you’re going to read about from around here. Milloy apparently is tiffed at King, and vows not to speak with him again. He didn’t like that King reported his comments that have led the NFL to investigate tampering charges. King asserts that in many ways, this situation is as much Milloy and his agent’s fault as it is Belichick’s.

Lastly, got a nice little check from Google Ads. Thanks for the clicks. They help immensely.