Milloy to the Bills. Nick Cafardo says Lawyer didn’t have any harsh words on the way out the door, but Michael Felger’s article shows otherwise. Milloy says in an interview with a Houston TV station that he doesn’t feel good about the Patriots organization and hasn’t for some time. Tom Curran looks at how Sunday’s game could be effected by this move. Alan Greenberg expects Milloy to play the game of his life on Sunday. Kevin Mannix looks at how the Patriots will attempt to fill Milloy’s position on the field. Michael Gee says Milloy won’t be able to pass much expertise onto the Bills for this Sunday. His pay column, however, says that this move is going to hurt the Patriots bigtime in the long run, not just the loss of Milloy to a division rival, but also as to how the Patriots treat their players. In Buffalo, Leo Roth looks at the signing from the Bills perspective. Curran also looks at Drew Bledsoe and his preparation to face his former club. Felger takes another look at the Bledsoe/Belichick matchup. Cafardo takes a look at the starting cornerback opposite Ty Law, as Belichick has not made that announcement yet. Christopher Price says the rookies are ready to go. The NFL regular season kicks off tonight, and the Herald has its Patriots preview, with far too many articles to link to here. Felger’s notebook looks at the safety-by-committee system shaping up. (anyone else sick of everything being “by committee”? Not a knock against the Patriots, but against people who now use that phrase for everything.) Curran’s notebook looks at the glut of Milloy jerseys in the Patriots Pro Shop and who will fill his leadership role.

On the Globe SportsPlus last night on NESN, hosted by Bob Lobel, Cafardo and Ron Borges were guests on the program and made their predictions for the season. Cafardo selected Miami to win the AFC East and go on to the Super Bowl where they will lose to Tampa Bay. He just feels Miami is due to win one of these years, and this might be the year. He picked the Patriots to be one of the AFC Wild Card playoff teams. Borges selected the Patriots to win the AFC East, “To get people off my back” he said. Lobel stated that Borges doesn’t really think the Patriots are going to win, but now he can at least say he picked them to win. Borges foresees a Kansas City/Atlanta high scoring Super Bowl, with Atlanta winning.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox keep winning, and Shaughnessy’s favorite player keeps leading them to it. David Ortiz does it again. Two home runs for the erstwhile “sack of you-know-what” and a solid night from Manny. Bob Hohler looks at another huge win. Michael Silverman looks at the Red Sox making themselves at home in Chicago, and ready to move onto New York. Silverman notes that this is the Sox third one run win in a row, one against Philadelphia and two against Chicago. Gong! Sorry, Michael….The win in Philly was a four run win…grand slam to win, remember? Sean McAdam looks at the Red Sox transforming into road warriors. Paul Doyle says that Ortiz might be the Red Sox most valuable player…and person, for all he does in the locker room and on the field. Gordon Edes has a tremendously enjoyable article about Ortiz. If you’re not smiling while reading portions of this article, it’s time to examine things. Karen Guregian also takes a look at Ortiz. Phillip C. Naslund looks at a solid start from Derek Lowe. Bill Reynolds looks at another September drama in the Sox clubhouse. Bob Halloran looks at cartoon, movie and entertainment characters and establishes who would be Red Sox fans and who would be Yankee fans. Meant to be lighthearted, but predictably, the “losers” are Red Sox fans and the “winners” are Yankee fans. Guregian looks at Grady Little’s decisions with Manny and says he did the right thing. Naslund takes a look at Andy Abad, making his Red Sox debut 10 years after being drafted by the club. (A couple stops inbetween) Edes also takes a look at Manny’s short lived benching. Hohler’s notebook says the Sox won’t be using Byung Hyun Kim in any save situations against the Yankees this weekend. Silverman’s notebook looks at Manny’s return…for now. McAdam’s notebook also looks at Manny.

Bruins get a “name” goaltender. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the signing of Felix “the cat” Potvin. Michael O’Connor looks at the one year deal for the veteran goalie. Mick Colageo looks at Potvin and the Bruins.

Bud Collins looks at a flooded US Open.

ABC has Jets/Redskins at 9:00. USA has the US Open at 7:00.