First, a flash, WEEI is reporting that the Patriots have released Lawyer Milloy. now has official word.

It just wouldn’t be Boston and the Red Sox without something to be angry at and go off on for days at a time, I guess. First, the game. Bob Hohler looks at the rousing ninth inning comeback capped by a Trot Nixon grand slam. Michael Silverman looks at the crazy, back and forth Labor Day day. Sean McAdam says this win is another example of the resiliency of this team. David Heuschkel tries to report when the momentum shifted for good in this game. Karen Guregian looks at Trot’s grand slam. Jon Wallach says the bats have returned, and that should give all fans hope. Brian McGrory looks at an incident Saturday at Fenway that got a fan tossed and an apology issued by John Henry. Hohler’s notebook looks at Kim remaining the closer, though the team may try to work him around the Yankees. Silverman’s notebook looks at the gritty, gutty, Johnny Damon. McAdam’s notebook looks at Suppan, who though shaky, managed to stick around for six innings.

OK, onto Manny. Bob Hohler and Sean McAdam provide somewhat measured reporting on the situation. Karen Guregian and Michael Silverman are a little stronger in their denouncements of Manny, Guregian saying he owes his teammates an explanation. David Heuschkel notes the irritation of some of the Sox. Dan Shaughnessy uses the situation as personal vindication for himself and the media. His delight can hardly be restrained as he trots out tired “Animal House” quotes with expletives and gets in a few shots at Pedro as part of the bargain. Class, I tell ya. That Shaughnessy is all about class.

I’m pledging not to listen to a single minute of angry Manny talk on the radio this week. How can that be considered good radio? You know it will dominate the “discussions”. Our only hope is Patriot callers will start to take over as the week progresses. (With the news of the release of Milloy, I’m thinking that might happen even sooner than we thought.) Am I going to defend Manny here? No. I’m as a frustrated as anyone at not having him in the lineup. I’m even more frustrated by the tabloid-like coverage that these incidents get. Sensationalize, sensationalize. That’s the motto. Leave the actual reporting to the NY Times, which actually contacted Willie Randolph to confirm if he was with Manny. The only good thing I can see happening from this is that last year, after the incident in Tampa, Manny went on an absolute tear the rest of the season, perhaps in response to the harsh criticism that situation brought. We can only hope the same happens this year.

News of Milloy will be the story of the day, but until that happened, this was a slow Patriots news day. Alan Greenberg takes a look at the Patriots rebuilt defense. Nick Cafardo looks at where the Patriots spend their cap money. Rich Thompson looks at Ken Walter, somehow managing to hold onto his job. “Hold” might be the operative word there. Tom Curran looks at the makeup of the practice squad.

Bob Ryan says our local sporting calendar is now complete. A PGA event for Boston to call its own.

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. USA has US Open Tennis at 7:00.