Those pesky Blue Jays. Jeff Horrigan says the Blue Jays were expected to provide a little relief during this stretch of tough games. Now with Roy Halladay on for tonight, it’s not looking so easy. Bob Hohler provides some bulleted points of the lows from last night. Sean McAdam says this one had a little bit of everything…except quality relief. Paul Doyle looks at the pen wiping out another comeback. Lenny Megliola says there was to be no happy ending at Fenway last night. John Powers says that while its nice to beat the good teams, the Sox have got to find a way to beat the lesser lights of the league as well. Steve Buckley pledges in his pay column to have nothing negative about the Sox, for all those who won’t accept any negativity. He points to Jeff Suppan’s three scoreless innings last night, and says he is a key to Sox success down the stretch. Karen Guregian says that the Sox brass is just hoping the Pedro storm will blow over. Michael Silverman says that it is no coincidence that the Sox’s defense has improved during their periods of success. Shira Springer looks at Todd Walker, breaking out of his slump and looking back upon it. Kevin McNamara looks at another rough outing by the two Scotts. Silverman also has a look at the pair of relievers. Springer focuses on Sauerbeck, who was tagged with the loss last night. As part of his continuing series on Baseball worldwide and language, Steven Krasner has a piece on Nomar where he looks at his preference to speak English, though he can speak and understand Spanish as well. There are a few other articles from the series up today, they’re worth checking out. Guregian takes a look at Millar’s inside-the-park homerun from last night. Powers says last night was a perfect example of the Sox split personality. Hohler’s notebook has the Sox attempting to pry Mike Bordick away from the Blue Jays. Horrigan’s notebook has the Sox chuckling over the Mariners hints that they were stealing signs. McAdam’s notebook also reports the Sox interest in Bordick, as well as in Frank Catalanotto.

Patriots wrap up the preseason tonight. The goal? Stay healthy, says Michael Felger. Rosevelt Colvin will be looking forward to seeing his buddies on the Bears tonight, and Tom Curran says a few limbs might be severed in the process. Dan Pires has a long Q&A session with Ty Law. I sure he Law is around after this season, the guy is entertaining. Nick Cafardo also says the Pats hope to avoid injuries and looks at a couple other things they hope to accomplish. Alan Greenberg looks at the roster moves yesterday and placing of Kenyatta Jones on the PUP list, meaning he’s out until at least week six. Mike Reiss notes that the Pats will have a different starting right tackle for the fourth straight year. Michael Parente has Bill Belichick looking back to the last meeting between the Bears and the Pats, you remember that one, don’t you? Miracle finish…He also looks at what the team hopes to accomplish tonight. David Pevear looks at Deion Branch. SI’s Don Banks likes what the Patriots have done during the preseason. He’s not so impressed with a certain acquisition by the Dolphins. Felger’s notebook looks at the decimated offensive line made even thinner yesterday. Curran’s notebook looks at yesterday’s roster shuffle. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the moves, and notes that Conaty will be able to play in a few weeks…elsewhere…as soon as he can work out an injury settlement. Parente’s notebook also looks at the O-Line depth, or lack thereof.

Captain Hinds….er….Peter May looks at the US win over Argentina.

NESN has Sox/Blue Jays at 7:00. WCVB has Patriots/Bears at 8:00. ESPN has Cubs/Cardinals at 7:00. ESPN2 has Orioles/A’s at 10:00.