Sox get their fourth win in a row, and have Pedro going this afternoon against a team he’s never lost to. All is well right? (I’ll group the Pedro articles together in a bit, you can then skip them if you like.) Bob Hohler, Jeff Horrigan, Steven Krasner and David Heuschkel provide the game stories from last night’s nationally televised 6-1 win for the Sox. Derek Lowe was strong last night. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Karen Guregian look at the outing by Lowe, and the wax paraffin treatments he used to heal his blister. Tony Massarotti and Shira Springer look at the big blow by David Ortiz that sealed the game for the Sox. Horrigan looks at Pedro’s physical condition for this afternoon’s start. Michael Gee looks at the Mariners Ryan Franklin taking one for the team last night. Gee tells everyone to calm down and relax in his pay column. Enjoy the playoff chase. Don’t get too high or too low. On the ESPN telecast last night, Joe Morgan was his usual self, but he did score an on-camera interview with Manny before the game. Clips were shown during the broadcast, and Manny came off as he usually does, humble, shy and very likeable. He was asked how he keeps such an even keel during the game, not letting bad at bats get to him, and he credited his mother, who he said doesn’t get angry, always keeps her cool. Hohler’s notebook looks at Pedro on the hill today. In Horrigan’s notebook, he wonders if Scott Williamson might be getting some save chances coming his way. McAdam’s notebook also looks at Pedro cleared to pitch today.

So that concludes the on field portion of your Red Sox coverage for today. Now the Pedro section. Tony Massarotti says this is all part of the Pedro package. Either you accept him as he is, or you won’t have him. Mazz says personally, he likes watching Pedro pitch every five days, so he’d like to keep him around. Sean McAdam says that Pedro is far too sensitive to be here, some of his teammates silently resent him, (If they’re silent about it, how does Sean know about it?) and we’re likely coming to the end of the Pedro run in Boston. Bob Hohler reports on the situation. This sentence deserves some elaboration: “Martinez suggested his integrity was wrongly impugned partly because he is Dominican.” What did he say? Give us more, Bob, you just can’t throw that out there without expanding on it. David Heuschkel also reports on the events of yesterday. Lenny Megliola says even though Johnny Miller didn’t get this on tape, (he reportedly gets everything on tape) no one doubts that Pedro said these things. He then suggests that Pedro call a press conference and get everything out in the open. Call out the people he’s mad at, let everyone know. Howard Bryant has a pay column, that while not exclusively on the subject of Pedro, looks at the New York/Boston similarities in media coverage. He says the Yankees would never allow their best players not to speak to the media as the Red Sox do, noting that “George Steinbrenner and the city’s sports editors both understand their responsibility to the city.” Steven Krasner has a sometimes amusing look at Pedro’s use of the english language. This is part of a four day series the Projo is running on the now World wide game of baseball, there are many stories in the series, too many to link to, so go check it out if you get a chance. Some interesting bits in there.

A note from yesterday, worth preserving for posterity. Tony Massarotti says the media in Boston does go too far at times:

That said, we, the self-righteous members of the Fourth Estate, need to recognize our part in this. There are insufficiently-skilled reporters out there, just as there are those who are fair and responsible. Sure, we can dole out the criticism and cheap shots, but we often have difficulty accepting them. And despite general perceptions, being too negative is just as much a sin as being too positive for those who are supposed to be in the middle.

It's never supposed to be personal. Never, never, never.

Who cut J.R.? Nick Cafardo reports on the release of Redmond, and how that gives Patrick Pass a little breathing room, for the moment. We’ll always remember Redmond for his clutch performances in the Snow Bowl and the Super Bowl. He doesn’t get out of bounds during that Super Bowl winning drive, and there likely isn’t any game winning kick in regulation. Kevin Mannix says that David Patten appears to have successfully fought off competitors for his place on the team. Paul Kenyon also looks at Redmond and Pass. Alan Greenberg also has a brief bit on the roster moves of yesterday. In Texas, Richard Oliver wonders if Bill Parcells can win without Bill Belichick at his side. Cafardo’s notebook has Ty Law being realistic about what the Patriots have accomplished in the preseason. Mannix’s notebook has more on the cuts from yesterday.

NESN has Red Sox/Mariners at 1:00. ESPN has Padres/Diamondbacks at 9:00. ABC has Colts/Broncos preseason football at 8:00.