They say parallel universes could possibly exist. I can only think that I’ve awoken in one such place today. In the Globe, Ron Borges and Nick Cafardo are gushing over the Patriots’ performance last night. Borges says:

As they say from space, "Hello, Houston?" If ever a pro football team looked to be heading to Houston next February, it was the Patriots last night.

He goes on to add that:

Their offense tore apart one of the best defenses in the NFL and their defense squashed the Eagles' offense whether it was trying to run the ball or throw it.

Cafardo was similar in his praise for the sons of Bill Belichick, noting that the defense was “flying around” and making plays. He finds a scout that tells him the Pats are “going to be a top team in the league.”

Meanwhile, as this parallel universe turns, Michael Felger is nowhere near as impressed. He notes that:

The Patriots offense was best described as inconsistent in its first two preseason games. That distinction still applied last night, although there certainly were more signs of life as the Pats found the end zone three times in 35 minutes against their toughest preseason competition to date.

He also adds that the win

left them with a 3-0 preseason record and quarterback Tom Brady with a half-empty feeling.

The Globe boys full of boundless optimism, visions of Super Bowl glory dancing in their heads, while Felger proclaims the glass half empty? What in the name of Clif Keane is going on here?

Some things though, never change. Cafardo’s notebook closes with:

Looking in Buffalo Bills president Tom Donahoe was at the game, scouting the Patriots. Donahoe is excited about the Bills team he has put together. "In time, I think our defense will be much improved," said Donahoe. He also believes he's built a team that can take some of the burden off Drew Bledsoe. As for Willis McGahee, Donahoe said, "He'll start the year inactive and then I think after Week 6, if things are going well, he'll be in uniform if everything has progresses according to plan."

Does Nick get a kickback everytime he mentions Donahoe in a column? Just wondering.