Peter Gammons has a piece on the job Theo did at the trading deadline and all season really. His relationship/rivalry with Yankees GM Brian Cashman is also discussed. A lot of praise heaped on the young fella in this article. Some of the possible moves that were discussed are enough to make you dizzy. Three way trades, four way trades, all sorts of stuff. One paragraph though, is such classic Gammons, that I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read it:

Anyone who knows Epstein's family knows that he was raised with the same values as Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro's family values, and the questions raised about Lyon's health not only surprised him, but upset him.

That’s the only mention Shapiro gets in the article. It just made me smile how Gammons works the names in there.

No Patriots news in Peter King’s MMQB column, but there is a brief three question segment with Drew Bledsoe mixed in among the usual Starbucks, Girls field hockey and Harry Carson hall of fame pitches. He is however, right on with the throwback mesh caps comment.

A new edition of Hench’s Hardball tells us that the Sox do not win or lose games because the fans or media are negative or not negative, it’s all on them.