Well, Mendoza showed one thing last night…that the Sox know they need another starter. Rumors were flying around the internet before the game last night that the Sox were on the verge of announcing another trade. Some said a trade was already complete, but that it wasn’t being announced yet. Peter Gammons was on ESPN around this time, talking about a three-way deal in which the Sox would end up with Freddy Garcia. You can be fairly sure that if there is a deal, it won’t be any deal that has been rumored in the press, because of Theo’s “Godfather” like policy of no leaks. Back to the game, David Heuschkel notes that Mendoza was long gone…from the game and the ballpark…by the middle innings. Bob Hohler says Ramiro had no Mendoza magic last night. Sean McAdam says that thud you heard last night was the Sox coming back to earth. George Kimball says Mendoza gave the Sox little reason to abandon their search for another starter. Gordon Edes says that Mendoza has left the Sox no choice but to go out and obtain another starting pitcher. Jeff Horrigan writes about Scott Williamson’s first trip to Boston, and has a general look at the Sox newest addition. Kevin Gray looks at the Sox getting another one-up on the Yankees with the Williamson deal. McAdam looks at some issues the Sox are running into in their quest for a starter. A few deals have fallen apart in the last 36 hours or so. Hohler takes a look at the Sox new-look bullpen, and figures out who will be used where. Steve Buckley in his pay column says to heck with the future, trade those prospects and get what you need to win now. Don Amore looks at the Sox and Yankees tussling over relief pitchers. The Bill Meuller story is still big, as it should be. Edes takes another look at the humble third baseman, and what his life has been like since he made history. George Kimball also has a pay column on Mueller, showing that he’s taking it all in stride. McAdam also has a piece on Mueller, showing how uncomfortable he is talking about himself and his accomplishments. Adrian Wojnarowski has a piece about how Theo is making Steinbrenner squirm, and has quotes from Theo’s dad about that “blowhard” Eddie Andelman. Jim Fennell has a piece about Dick Radatz, who still doesn’t believe in pitch counts and who thinks that the older guys in the Red Sox front office are doing most of the work instead of Theo. Hohler’s notebook looks at the release of Chad Fox. Horrigan’s notebook says that Odalis Perez might be a potential target for the Sox. McAdam’s notebook says Williamson is expected to join the team tomorrow.

Alan Greenberg looks at the newest Patriot, fullback Larry Centers. Nick Cafardo looks at the strong character players that the Patriots have filled their roster with. Michael Gee in a rambling pay column says that in addition to character, the players need to have skill, and most of all, will to succeed. Michael Felger looks at Anthony Pleasant, back for another season, and though in a reduced role, he is still a big piece to the team. Tom Curran looks at Rodney Harrison, a bad dude from the south side of Chicago. Christopher Price also looks at the addition of Centers. Curran also reports that Mike Cloud was out of practice yesterday due to a calf injury. Hector Longo says that Deion Branch is ready for bigger and better things. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Centers, who took a little shot at Cafardo’s binky, Tom Donahue yesterday. Felger’s notebook says that Brady’s tendency to throw the short pass made the Patriots a great fit for Centers. Curran’s notebook has more on that topic.

Jackie MacMullan looks at the hoards of retired Celtic numbers in the rafters and explores the topic of un-retiring some of them if a prize free agent wanted to wear one. Karl Malone and # 32 is one example. Mark Murphy writes about Grant Long, who enjoyed his time in Celtic Green and would’ve like to come back to the club. Michael Muldoon looks at how Danny Ainge has re-tooled the Celtics.

Jim Donaldson, sounding very old, says young sportswriters are just as bad as the young athletes of today.

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