Is the sports media negative in Boston? (duh!) Well, now you have it straight from an athlete’s mouth. (Fingers?) Todd Jones, who has been with the Red Sox a mere matter of weeks says:

In Boston, there is a distinct line between the media and the players. To be honest, the media here is brutal. They are the most negative spin doctors I've run into. They make big deals out of nothing. One reporter goes in for an interview, and the next thing you know there are 35 around your locker asking the dumbest questions, such as, "Did you mean to give up that homer?" or "After this loss, is your team finished?"

Brutal…the most negative…big deals out of nothing…any of this sounding familiar? Jones goes on to say that “tilt in the media here in Boston is vicious.” He gives an example of how the press will try to stir something up around here:

In fact, in spring training, there are meetings about how to handle the media in Boston. Reporters here ask the same question six different ways. They figure you're not smart enough to figure out they're asking the same question, and you'll answer it just to get them to leave you alone. They will ask the question like, "Do you think Player A or Player B should have caught the ball that cost you the game?" You give them Player A, and the headline says, "Jones says Player B didn't hustle, cost Sox the game." You're like, "Huh? What just happened?"

He does say the beat guys are good guys…they have to be. It’s others who give the group a bad reputation among the players. He goes on to say that fear of being burned by the media is the reason that players spout the tired cliches of Happy to be here…taking it one game at a time…just hoping to help the team win…

All in all, an interesting take on life dealing with the media here in Boston. One part I would object to is when he says that the fans believe everything that is written about the team and are fueled by the media. With some fans, that might be the case, I think there are many more who are going against that, challenging what is being said by the media, and the popularity of this site is proof of that.