Just back from a day away from the computer. Found the following email in my inbox:


Instead of agreeing with Peter "I'm great at writing obvious columns about 3 months after I should have written them" May, you should be asking these 2 questions:

1. Why did it take the current group of Boston basketball writers nearly half the summer to wonder why the new Celtics owners weren't throwing their hats in the ring for Payton, Howard, Arenas, Olowokandi, Brad Miller, Andre Miller, Corey Maggette and every other FA who could have helped the team with the FA exemption? They haven't courted one free agent other than Karl Malone, and we're not even sure if that story is true. There's a story here. There's even an answer. Why isn't anyone pursuing this?

2. Has the current state of basketball writing and reporting EVER been worse in this town? What happened to the Globe? Have they just given up? I read better coverage when I was editing field hockey and women's lacrosse columns in college.

This never would have happened if Don Skwar was still alive. Please say hi to everyone back home.