Do you really want links to the All Star game? Didn’t think so.

Steve Buckley in his pay column today says the early exits of Manny, Pedro and Burkett are already forgotten about. Someone tell that to Gordon Edes, who is demanding that Manny make a phone call and explain his situation to management. Michael Silverman says that the Sox have focused in on Jeff Suppan as a target in the trade market. Steven Krasner looks at the All Star experiences of Nomar and Varitek, as well as other players with Sox ties. Edes catches up with the Varitek family, all very proud of Jason and used to watching him on a big stage. In considering the first half of the season, Bob Halloran decides it wouldn’t be any fun to revisit the high points, and gives us his top ten losses of the first half.

Peter May says you’d be hard pressed so far to find any difference between this new ownership group and the old ThanksDad Gaston regime, at least as far as signing players is concerned. You know what? I agree. To not spend the midlevel exemption is indefensible. They spent $360 million on the team. A player at the midlevel slot could bring them a round further in the playoffs, which would likely recoup any money they lose in luxury tax. Tim Weisberg says the younger Celtics will bring a new dimension to the team, with Banks, Bremer and Brown getting out on the break. Mark Murphy looks at Chris Ford, reinventing himself as an NBA assistant with the Sixers. May’s notebook rounds up the action from last night. Murphy’s notebook looks at the continuing basketball Odyssey of Chris Herren. He also says Danny Ainge has talked to some free agents, including Juwon Howard, who agreed to terms with Orlando. Carolyn Thornton also looks at Herren.

Michael Felger begins his training camp position by position examination today with a look at the quarterback spot. Tom Curran says that because of cap issues, this will likely be the last year we see some of the big names from the 2001 championship team on the squad. Just a minor note, I don’t think Rick Lyle was on that 2001 team.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on the Bruins inking Jonathan Girard and Michal Grosek to one year contracts.

Bill Griffith talks to a Sporting News Radio executive about changes on the way to WWZN.

NESN has the AA All Star game, featuring five Red Sox prospects at 7:00. ESPN2 has the AAA All Star game at 8:00. ESPN presents the ESPY Awards at 9:00.