OK, all who thought John Burkett would “settle in” and proceed to dominate…yes dominate…the White Sox after giving up doubles to the first four batters he faced, raise your hands. Thought so. Nick Cafardo lavishes the praise on Burkett’s Da Vinci-like masterpiece. (His comparison) Jeff Horrigan says Burkett could’ve been moments away having his career finished last night. Sean McAdam notes the stunning role reversal of last night. David Heuschkel says Burkett heard the Red Sox fans in the stands during his first inning, and made the adjustment between innings to feature his curveball more for a bit. Gordon Edes looks at the mindset of Burkett, and gives him credit for being able to pull his game together. Tony Massarotti makes an interesting point, Sox starters have not lost a game since May 31st. He points to the Kim trade as being a shot in the arm for the rotation. In Chicago, Toni Ginnetti looks at Bill Mueller, who never played like this for the Cubs…Michael Vega looks at David Murphy’s debut with the Lowell Spinners last night. Steve Buckley also took in the opener in Lowell last night. The opener for the Spinners had the owners of that team looking forward to when they can do the same in Manchester, NH. Kevin Gray notes the similarities that the Lowell and Manchester teams will have in common. Eric Emmerling reports that New Hampshire Day will make its return to Fenway on July 20th. It used to be an annual event, but had slipped off the screen for a number of years. Alan Miller provides a clip from his one-on-one with Larry Lucchino that will air on the Globe SportsPlus. Edes has a look at Gene Stephens, a Ted Williams backup, and the only man since 1900 to have three hits in one inning before a single out was recorded. Massarotti looks at Nomar’s little brother, Michael, who took in the game last night while his team is on its All Star break. Howard Bryant has his third piece in a series on drugs and steroids in baseball, and today looks at how politics and bad blood have prevented the sport from introducing tougher policies regarding performance enhancing substances. Bob Halloran says the Yankees are the modern day “do-nothing kings”. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Jeremy Giambi making an appearance last night. Heuschkel’s notebook has more on Giambi’s struggles. McAdam’s notebook looks at Casey Fossum, making progress on recovering from his injury, and opening to being used however the team needs him. Horrigan’s notebook has more on possible trades for the Sox. I haven’t seen a mention anywhere of why Grady pulled Manny from the field and replaced him with Damian Jackson in a two run game with two innings to go. I’m going to assume that it was simply a defensive replacement, (Orsillo noted the change on the broadcast last night, but didn’t seem to make anything of it.) and that it had nothing to do with a “tweak” or injury on Manny’s part.

Good Tee-ball talk on Dennis & Callahan this morning…

So do the Bruins have a new coach…or not? Yesterday, Russ Conway of the Eagle-Tribune said Mike Sullivan was going to be named the coach. Kevin Paul Dupont lists a couple possible reasons why the press conference was put off, and also lists a “wilder scenario” that made the rounds of the media late yesterday involving Lou Lamoriello and Bob Carpenter. Stephen Harris says it will be Sullivan, and also reports on Joe Thornton’s court appearance for a barroom (not bathroom, Pete Sheppard) brawl earlier this offseason. Joe McDonald says nothing ever goes smoothly for the Bruins, but expects Sullivan to get the job.

Shira Springer looks at Eric Williams, who launches his “Believe in me” foundation tonight. Like his teammates Antoine and Walter McCarty, Williams also believes it’s time for him to ask for a contract extension. The ProJo has the schedule for the Reebok Summer Pro League. Tickets go on sale next Thursday morning. (The 26th)

Ken Davis says ACC expansion could be dead.

NESN has Red Sox/White Sox at 8:00. ESPN has Braves/Phillies at 7:00. ESPN2 has Dodgers/Giants at 10:00.