In a event sure to spark memories in the minds of middle aged fans and older fans, the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that is one of the Red Sox true nemesis invade Fenway. Paul Doyle looks at 80 year old Red Schoendienst, who first came to the Cardinals 61 years ago and played on the ’46 team and managed the ’67 squad. The Sox will show off their new starter and new pitching coach to the fans tonight, and those two topics make up the stories for the day. Michael Silverman has a look at Byung-Hyun Kim, who above all else, wants to help the Red Sox win games. David Heuschkel looks back at Pedro introducing himself to Kim when was just breaking into the big leagues. Bob Hohler looks at Dave Wallace stepping in for the ailing Tony Cloninger. He notes that Wallace will have an enhanced role with the team once his pitching coach stint is over. Heuschkel also has a brief bit on Wallace, and the reason he left the Dodgers to come to the Red Sox. Christopher Price has a third look at what “Big Dave” is going to do for the Red Sox. Jon Couture says Grady Little could learn a few things from his old boss later this week…Jimy Williams. Karen Guregian looks at the still struggling Johnny Damon as he attempts to right himself, and once again become effective as a leadoff hitter. Jon Wallach looks at a couple starters in Pawtucket who might be able to step in and help the big club. Price gets some Cape League scouting reports on Sox first round pick David Murphy. Hohler’s notebook looks at some of the history between the Red Sox and Cardinals. Silverman’s notebook has more on the new pitching coach.

Alan Greenberg has a look at Pats safety Rodney Harrison, who talks about being dumped by the Chargers, playing hurt last year, whether his coverage skills will be acceptable and what he said to Lawyer Milloy when coming aboard. Kevin Mannix looks at workout bonuses, Terry Glenn counseling new teammates in the ways of Bill Parcells, and ex Pats personnel guy Joe Mendes among other items in a Tuesday edition of NFL notes. Michael Felger and Nick Cafardo report from the annual Patriots Charitable Foundation golf tournament. With Steve Grogan being honored this week by the Sports Museum, the Herald has reprinted a Tim Horgan article from 1989, after a game in which the then 36 year old QB led the Pats to a 23-20 OT victory over the Colts.

That huge roar coming out of Massachusetts last night as the Devils clinched the Stanley Cup has been traced back to the Pete Sheppard household. Kevin Paul Dupont reports on Pat Burns and the NJ Devils winning the franchise’s third cup in nine years. Stephen Harris says there was no fairy tale ending for the Mighty Ducks here. In Harris’ notebook, Burns lashes back at his critics, (just enjoy the title, Pat) and those who doubted him. Harris also points to the NY Post as the hot spot for Bruins offseason rumors.

Mark Murphy looks at some of the players that the Celtics have been working out in preparation for the upcoming draft. Shira Springer says hoop fans in Boston can look forward to LeBron James playing in the Shaws Summer League here next month. Murphy also has a sidebar on this. Another day, another master-of-hindsight Peter May reference to Tony Parker being passed up by the Celtics in favor of Joe Forte:

As for his play, well, Celtics fans should be reaching for the hemlock, because he could easily have been a Celtic in 2001 had anyone bothered to tell Red Auerbach, ''No, Red. We don't need Joseph Forte.''

Parker yesterday again recounted his version of the 2001 draft. He said the Celtics told him they'd take him at No. 21. (The Celtics say that's not the case.) He said the Celtics and others were wary of French point guards. (The Celtics say that is not the case.) He said he's glad San Antonio picked him and that Popovich has trusted him to run the show. (That is undeniably the case.)

In May’s 2001 Mock Draft, he did have the Celtics taking Parker with the 21st pick. He also had Forte going number 16 to Hornets. Does that mean he thought Forte the better player and that when he was still there at 21 the Celtics would’ve been foolish not to take him? Of course, May also had the Celtics taking DeSagana Diop with their first pick at # 10. Steve Bulpett says that Parker’s play might actually benefit the Nets in the long run as they might increase their chances of keeping Kidd.

Bill Griffith looks at the weekend TV ratings, including those of the Belmont. Jim Baker notes that “Ch. 7 more than doubled Ch. 4’s late sports rating (4.3-2.0) despite Bob Ryan’s return…”

NESN has Red Sox/Cardinals at 7:00. TBS has Braves/A’s at 10:00.