A Red Sox loss, Pedro speaks out on Sosa, Day one of Patriots mini-camp is in the books, and Bob Ryan returns to the pages of the Globe. A pretty busy Friday. Sean McAdam looks at the Sox being unable to finish off a sweep of the Pirates. David Heuschkel says the Sox felt they were going to win this one, after having battled back. But all in all, 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad. Bob Hohler looks at how the Pirates managed to steal one from the Sox. In a combo Game story/Notebook, Michael Silverman looks at the loss and at the projected starting rotation for the upcoming week. Gerry Callahan’s pay column looks at Sammy Sosa’s cheating and how Pedro, while certainly not dumb, comes off that way in his defense of Sosa.

Pedro Martinez said yesterday, ``We may be Latin, a minority, but we are not dumb.''

No, Pedro, that is probably why you have repeatedly been characterized as one of the more intelligent athletes ever to play in Boston. NO ONE has ever called you dumb. In this case, though, you have obviously been blinded by your pride and your friendship with Sosa. For a very bright guy, you sounded almost as dumb as Canseco yesterday.

Callahan goes onto compare cork being found in one bat to someone going to the airport and being stopped for something illegal in their bag. That person isn’t going to tell security that they have 500 other bags at home that don’t have illegal substances in them, and if they did, security would not let them pass.Lenny Megliola says that the Red Sox need Pedro. As Larry Lucchino said on WEEI yesterday, without him, the Sox are “screwed”. Karen Guregian looks at Richard Hatch, err, John Burkett, playing “Survivor” on the mound last night in Pittsburgh. Guregian also looks at Steinbrenner’s whining over the interleague schedule. In Hohler’s notebook, he looks at Tony Cloninger needing to take medical leave to treat his cancer. It’s an awful situation and my heart certainly goes out to him. McAdam’s notebook leads with who will get the starting nod Sunday in Milwaukee.

The Pedro Martinez tirade is interesting in how it is handled by the various media outlets. Michael Silverman has the most detailed account. Martinez goes after ESPN for their coverage of the Sosa incident and later Pedro aims at Peter Gammons for the Sox ace not winning the Cy Young last year. Only David Heuschkel notes that it was an “expletive filled rant” by Pedro. Sean McAdam has a shorter story on the situation, Bob Hohler, as Dan Shaughnessy would say, representing the Red Sox ownership in the Globe, downplays the incident, making it almost a casual article.

Bob Ryan returns today, but as Gerry Callahan and others said would happen, the Globe didn’t allow Ryan to have his say on the incident that caused his suspension. Instead, they direct him to write about BC’s impending move to the ACC. Ryan says BC just does not fit in with the ACC, and that this move is only being made for the sake of football and that other sports will suffer as a result of this move.

Lawyer Milloy was talking yesterday at Patriots minicamp. It was his first time before the press since the summer. First time since he was rumored to be in trade discussions, first time since Tebucky Jones ended up being traded, first time since Rodney Harrison was signed to play for the Patriots. Michael Smith writes that Milloy is out to dispel the doubters, including perhaps, his own team. Smith says that Milloy is offended and ticked off. Tom Curran notes that rumors of Milloy being traded were mainly generated by sports talk radio, but that he was hurt by them anyway. Milloy also believes they were true. The article also looks at how Milloy was used by Belichick last year and how the coach answered questions on that topic. Michael Felger looks at Milloy coming into this season with an attitude…and he sees it as a positive thing. Felger also provides some information about on field items from the camp yesterday. Mike Reiss also paid attention to what was going on during the practices yesterday and provides us with a variety of information. Christopher Price focuses on Tom Brady and that the Pats QB is glad to be out there and throwing again. Kevin Mannix looks at the progress Stephen Neal has made in the transition from wrestling to football. Michael Parente says that while the coach will tell you that minicamps are strictly for teaching, if you watch what’s going on out on the field, there is clearly experimentation going on out there. Jimmy Golen of the AP has a look at Brady yesterday. Felger, who reported yesterday that the Patriots had interest in Mike Cloud, looks at the former BC running back who was in for a tryout yesterday. He will have to serve a four game suspension to begin the season, and that is one thing that has likely prevented other teams from signing him. Curran says that coming home to the Patriots could be a big boost for Cloud. Smith’s notebook has a little more on Cloud. Parente’s notebook looks at red jerseys, Brady and Antowain Smith’s conditioning.

By the way, I was at minicamp yesterday and will be filing a complete and exhaustive report on the experience later this morning.

In a brief article, Steve Bulpett looks at offseason plans by Antoine’s trainer to redo his body. Bulpett’s notebook looks at decisions Ainge has to make regarding Eric Williams and Walter McCarty, and that the assistant coaches still are without contracts, and could be looking elsewhere. Peter May says Tim Duncan is tough to cover.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Devils 6-3 win in game five of the Stanley Cup finals last night. Stephen Harris looks at the uncharacteristically high scoring game by the Devils.

Bill Griffith looks at the coverage and interest in this weekend’s Belmont Stakes. Jim Baker also focuses on the Belmont in his pay column. John Howell has a bit on ESPN Radio update guy Dan Davis, a guy with Boston history, who does the best sports updates around. Dean Johnson at the Herald reports that WWZN and its parent company, The Sporting News are in serious financial peril:

Ah, but the relationship, especially with WWZN, has had a definite impact on finances of the publication.

``A source said the station in Boston has been a major drain,'' the article continued, ``including the buyout of a contract with sportscaster Sean McDonough.

Thanks to tagger “bk” for the heads up.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Brewers at 8:00. ABC has game two of Nets and Spurs at 8:30. If you’ve never watched the SportsCentury on Secretariat, I strongly recommend you catch it on ESPN Classic at 9:00 tonight. That horse was just incredible, watching that show still gives me goosebumps.