Dan Shaughnessy wants to know why all the fans are so negative about the Red Sox. I’m at a lost for incredulous and angry adjectives to describe my feelings right now… Karen Guregian knocks the fans for booing the team.

Michael Silverman says the Sox need to learn how to leave town on a high note. They lose again while heading out onto the road. Bob Hohler looks at the usual suspects in the Sox loss. Steven Krasner says everything started out so well for the Sox yesterday. Paul Doyle looks at how yesterday turned into two games for the price of one. Tony Massarotti looks at how it went wrong for Wakefield yesterday. Paul Harber also looks at how the game shifted so dramatically. Sean McAdam says the problem with the bullpen is not closing out games, its in the middle innings. Massarotti also looks at how the mismatch in the bullpens led the Twins to winning two out of three this weekend. Alex Speier also notes how the Red Sox and Twins are a study in contrasts. In a couple of Hench’s Hardballs, the Boston Dirtdogs site looks at the Red Sox poor defense and at Nomar’s struggles at the plate, where, in big situations he has become Garciapopup. In a Herald Premium column Cosmo Macero Jr looks at whether the Sox have gone too far in pricing tickets and having people like Larry Lucchino promote them on every appearance he makes. Hohler’s notebook looks at Manny torrid batting average…and lack of home runs. Silverman’s notebook has a similar theme. Krasner’s notebook leads with Mirabelli’s success at throwing out would-be base stealers. Doyle’s notebook looks at Robert Person’s outing in Pawtucket.

Game one, Celtics/Nets tonight from New Jersey. Do the Celtics have a prayer in this series? While everyone seems a bit less inclined to simply dismiss the green, I haven’t seen anyone pick them, either. Most seem to think it will be a success if the Celtics can take the series to six games. Shira Springer writes about the little details the Celtics will need to take care of to be successful. Rich Thompson agrees that it is all in the details. Jerry Trecker looks at a confident Nets team heading into the series. Byron Scott says the Celtics have no answers for Kidd, Martin and Jefferson. Carolyn Thornton says containing those three is exactly what the Celtics need to do in this series. Mark Murphy says Jason Kidd is a better player than he was a year ago. Christopher Price says the Celtics hope being a year older and wiser can help them out in this series. Peter May has a look at Kenyon Martin…does he intimidate Antoine? Steve Bulpett asserts that Antoine is the key to this series, and not just for what will show up in the stats, either. Tim Weisberg sets the stage for the series. Jeff Goodman has a feature on Paul Pierce for the Washington Post. It’s a look at how Pierce’s life is full of examples of how he has overcome those who doubted him. Barbara Barker says Pierce is still battling a selfish reputation. Down in NJ, Steve Adamek has Byron Scott practically licking his lips in anticipation of beating the Celtics again. Jay Greenberg says that the Celtics need to beat the Nets or else perhaps end the Pierce & Walker era. Brad Parks says Pierce must be stopped. Springer’s notebook says there may be a Kedrick Brown sighting in this series. Free Kedrick! Thompson’s notebook looks at Tony Battie as the last line of defense for the Celtics. Murphy’s notebook looks at Scott comparing the Celtics to the Bucks.

Kevin Mannix wraps up the rookie mini-camp for the Patriots. Nick Cafardo looks at cornerback Eugene Wilson and his background and experience at minicamp. Michael Felger looks at how Romeo Crennel plans to use all this new talent at his disposal.

John Molori provides some notes and quotes from around the media world. In the Herald, Joe Fitzgerald has a short bit on WWZN boss Mike Kellogg. The gist of the column was how Kellogg, a recovering alcoholic has turned his life around. Some shots were recently taken at him on a radio station, saying he was a drunk and ex-con. Kellogg says that is true, but he hasn’t had a drink since 1988 and turned his life around at that point, getting into the radio business by selling ads at WRKO.