Bob Hohler reports on the Sox returning to their winning ways with Pedro on the mound. His notebook says Everett is quite happy to be out of the Hub, directing a shot at the media when he says, “They never hear the truth in Boston.” Tony Massarotti offers his view of “The Truth.” He also wonders out loud whether Pedro’s hurt, and, since he’s not talking, in true Boston sports media fashion, says, “guess we’ll just have to speculate.” Jeff Horrigan writes that only Pedro could go 7 innings and give up only 3 hits and 1 unearned run and have people worried. He has Tony Cloninger complaining a bit about the “real tight strike zone” in there. His notebook includes this Totally Misleading Stat (by his own admission): the Sox are 6-1 in one-run games. Steven Krasner writes that the bottom line is that the Sox won last night. His notebook also talks about Everett and the “peace of mind” he’s enjoying these days in the Lone Star State. David Heuschkel worries about Pedro’s “uncharacteristic” outing and worries about his season-high pitch count.

Peter May discusses the growing hostilities between the Pacers and Celtics, noting that “what you’re getting is basic, simple, competitive dislike for the guy in your way.” Basically, playoff basketball. Shira Springer cites a whole bunch of statistics, but doesn’t say much that’s meaningful otherwise. Mark Murphy has the C’s looking forward to returning to the confines of the FleetCenter and the “rowdy” fans.

Michael Smith talks about draft prospect Carl Morris. He also previews receivers available in the draft. Ron Borges has excerpts from an interview with his favorite NFL genius. The interview will be aired on NESN after tonight’s Red Sox-Rangers game, and should be available on their website later tonight. Nick Cafardo discusses draft prospect Willis McGahee’s “dog and pony show” yesterday, and discusses several possible trade scenarios for the Pats. Michael Felger and Kevin Mannix preview offensive line prospects. Alan Greenberg worries about the Pats’ previous “faulty choices in recent years” as they approach this weekend’s draft. Mike Reiss writes that Damien Woody is ready for next season.

Douglas Flynn can’t remember the last time there were three Game 7’s in the NHL playoffs in one night, but is quite certain it happened before the remote control was invented (actually, it was 1996, but who’s counting). He laments the “good ol’ days” when Game 7s were regularly played at the Garden, and says none will be played at the FleetCenter any time soon. With more from the gloom-and-doom department, James Murphy wonders if unrestricted free agent-to-be Don Sweeney has played his last game for the Bruins.

Bill Griffith reports on Levan Reid’s departure from Fox 25, and gets Butch Stearns’ reaction. Reid will be giving up his part-time radio gig, and is making his final “Big Show” appearance this afternoon. Lenny Megliola has Kevin Winter gushing about his dream job on the Zone’s morning show.

NESN has the Red Sox continuing their series against the Rangers at 8. For hoops fans, TNT has a double header of Game 2’s, with Sixers-Hornets at 7, followed by Blazers/Mavs at 9:30.