More poor pitching does in the Sox. Derek Lowe struggles once again, the bullpen gives up a few more, not an encouraging performance all around. In fact, Gordon Edes says that Lowe is “reviving memories of the insecure kid who lost his confidence in 2001”. Howard Bryant puts the onus on the offense, and the missed opportunities. Edes’ article touches on it, but Sean McAdam goes into more detail about Lowe pining away for the cancer stricken Tony Cloninger, thinking that he might be able to help his straighten out his pitching issues. Michael Silverman informs us that baseball rules forbid a trainer to pop a blister for a pitcher on the mound. David Heuschkel notes that Lowe has always struggled at Skydome. Pedro is still in the news, after the Big Show on WEEI spent the whole afternoon talking about how stupid the Red Sox were to pick up the option, there are several articles today on the topic. Gordon Edes says there will be no hometown discount for the Red Sox in contract negotiations with Pedro. Silverman’s notebook says ” The idea of a hometown discount was not totally rejected by Martinez.” Heuschkel’s notebook says Pedro is a special case and should be treated as such, teammates such as Johnny Damon agree. McAdam’s notebook looks further at the Pedro contract situation. Howard Bryant’s premium column notes that the Sox goodwill with Pedro has seemingly already expired, after listening to Pedro yesterday, Bryant notes:

Martinez does not sound like someone who understands that concession and compromise are necessary on both sides of any deal, but, rather, a pitcher who knows exactly what he wants and knows the on-ramp to the Mass Pike if he doesn't get it. He also didn't sound like someone who understood that the Red Sox were not obligated to give him a penny before the end of the season or that the gesture deserves recognition when the two sides begin hard discussions.

Lenny Megliola says that the pressure pendulum has swung from the owners to Pedro, and that “a sour beantown ending would be a shame”. Edes’ notebook looks at former Red Sox catcher Bill Haselman returning to the organization.

Steve Conroy notes that the Bruins recognize the need to keep their emotions in check when dealing with the Devils. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the Bruins/Devils series, with the Bruins still not naming their starting goaltender, and the how the Devils and Bruins are polar opposites in styles. Karen Guregian says that barring a major surprise, it will be Steve Shields in net. Douglas Flynn asks and answers five questions heading into the Bruins/Devils series. Joe McDonald previews the series for the ProJo. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the Bruins hope to find a new start and second wind in the playoffs. James Murphy has the Ray Bourque playoff beard going as he previews all the first round matchups. Paul Doyle looks at the Stanley Cup playoffs in a nutshell. Jackie MacMullan looks at how the return of Sergei Samsonov could bolster the Bruins. Jim Hoban sizes up the Devils roster. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook also points to Steve Shields as the starting goalie tonight. Conroy’s notebook says Sean O’Donnell is out tonight and day to day thereafter.

Looks like Jim O’Brien has lost faith in another young player, as Tony Delk will start tonight in place of JR Bremer. Michael Vega reports on the change, with O’Brien saying that the team needs a fresh outlook, and played its best recently with Delk on the floor. Steve Bulpett notes that Delk finally getting fully healthy is also a big factor in the chance.

Michael Felger reports that should the Patriots lose out on Cedric Woodard by virtue of the Seahawks matching their offer, their next target could be Miami defensive tackle Jermaine Haley, who might be a better player than Woodard. Tom Curran reports that Seattle will indeed match the offer to Woodard. Nick Cafardo says the Patriots will have receiver Oronde Gadsden in for a visit and physical today. Both Cafardo and Felger report on the Rob Konrad comments from 1510 yesterday. If you missed it, Konrad, a fullback with the Dolphins, and native of North Andover, was on the Eddie Andelman show yesterday with Eddie and Cafardo, and took some shots at the Patriots organization. He claimed that the team had told him he was their first choice at fullback, and made arrangements for him to come up for a visit. Before he could come though, the team made an offer to Richie Anderson. Konrad felt misled and immediately re-signed with the Dolphins. On the radio, he questioned the Patriots integrity and ethics. Nick and Eddie loved it, but didn’t follow up too much on it. In the articles today, it appears that Felger went and contacted Konrad’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who was the one who actually talked with the Patriots, and who defused the situation somewhat. Cafardo stuck with Konrad, who admits he didn’t talk directly to the Patriots, and backpedaled on his comments made earlier in the day. Cafardo includes the line that the Patriots released through Stacey James; “No Patriots official ever spoke directly to him.” (Konrad). Mike Reiss reports on Grey Ruegamer signing with the Packers. Paul Perillo on looks at new fullback Fred McCrary and how he hopes to help the team.

Holden Kushner of the new 1510 Morning Press Box, citing sources around Iowa and close to the Kansas athletic department, claimed to be breaking the story this morning that Roy Williams will be staying at Kansas and the AD, Al Bohl will be fired.

After listening the last few days, I’d say these guys have been pretty good, a nice change up from the political rantings of D&C. My only problem is that Kevin Winter and Kushner seem to sound almost exactly alike and it’s difficult at times to tell who is who. That could change as time goes on and they become more familiar, we’ll see.

Bill Griffith looks at the Roy Williams/Bonnie Bernstein story, which was a major topic on sports radio locally yesterday. Dale & Neumy and The McDonough Group spent almost the entire length of their respective shows discussing the situation. He also provides some rating numbers and a look at the NHL playoffs.

NESN will carry the Bruins/Devils game one tonight at 7:00 (ESPN2 nationally) The Red Sox/Blue Jays will be bumped to ATT3, also at 7:00. FSNE has Celtics/Wizards at 7:00. ESPN has Maple Leafs/Flyers game one at 7:00 and NBA Action with Wolves/Sonics at 10:00. ESPN2 also has Angels/Mariners at 10:00.