Bill Simmons gets up close and personal with Mike Tyson. A fascinating look.

Check out the Bill James interview on David Pinto’s Baseball Musings website. He touches on how the game has changed, Todd Walker and working for the Red Sox, but nothing on CBC. Garry Brown looks at the Sox new PA guy, Carl Beane. On 1510 this morning, Beane did a pretty fair Sherm sound-alike. Rob Neyer weighs in on the Sox picking up the Pedro option.

Mike Loftus says the difference in the Bruins/Devils series could be Pat Burns.

Mike Fine looks at the replacement of JR Bremer in the starting lineup, witnesses Yankee fan Eric Williams wearing a Red Sox cap, and doesn’t mention that he (Fine) was the one who asked the question that sent Paul Pierce out of the building. Jim Fenton looks at a proud Robert Parish, heading to the Hall of Fame.