The Chief has made it into the Hall of Fame.

The Sunday Night Shows are transcribed. Rather than including them in this section each week, I’m going to place them on the archives page, so you can go back and re-visit some of the things said by various media types on these shows.

Rob Bradford looks at MJ’s last performance in Boston. Mike Fine has the story of an old friend catching up with MJ yesterday. Del Jones says the Celtics insist that they’re playing well, despite dropping the last two games.

Mike Loftus says that Pat Burns must be salivating over the chance to play the Bruins.

Peter King looks at the NFL schedule, breaking it down as far as which teams made out and which got jobbed. He places the Patriots in the “They might not be good enough to survive this” category. The Jets get the “I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes” grouping, the Dolphins get: “The league is tweaking these guys … again”, While the Bills get the “They have nothing to complain about this year.” He laments the Jets having to play in Oakland again, (just like the Patriots seemingly play in Denver every year…last year being an exception), the Dolphins having to come to Foxboro in December again, and for the Bills he says:

If I'm a Bill, I'm resigned to the fact Bill Belichick will beat me in Foxboro to close the season (he'll figure out some silly scheme), and I'm thinking: I have to find a way to go 10-5 the rest of the way.

For the Patriots, he just concludes, “Their schedule is tougher than it looks.” Later in the column, he weighs in on CBC and Bill James.

Finally, when in doubt, find some way to blame the Yankees. I love this correction from the Globe today:

Correction: Because of incorrect data in the New York Yankees media guide, Christy Mathewson's won-lost record was misstated in a box with Sunday's baseball notes column. He was 373-188.