Michael Jordan leaves Boston a winner. The second straight one-point loss for the C’s. Shira Springer says it was just a matter of Jordan up to his old tricks. Mark Murphy and Carolyn Thornton also recap the game. Lenny Megliola notes that yesterday was a “happy game” for Jordan, right from the start. Jackie MacMullan also looks at Michael’s last game, noting the style is different, yet no less effective. Jordan also indulges in some nostalgia towards the end, and laments the things that the young players of today don’t know. Steve Bulpett reflects on Michael’s final final final game in Boston. Nick Cafardo notes that things weren’t so happy in the Celtics locker room after the game, as the room was closed for a time after the game, and many players left without speaking. Christopher Price looks at Jordan’s last trip to Boston for the Metro. Rich Thompson records a little of Jordan remembering the 63 point playoff game in the Garden. Thompson also writes that Jordan will still have plenty in the tank for the rematch Wednesday night in Washington. Thornton’s notebook has more on Jordan’s farewell, and why Eric Williams’ eyesight is poor. Springer’s notebook looks at Antoine’s quiet day. Murphy’s notebook has Jordan talking about Walker.

Onto the Sox, Bob Hohler says the Red Sox Mr April, Shea Hillenbrand is at it again. Michael Silverman starts off his story with:

It's only been one week, but only a true curmudgeon could complain about the Red Sox' 5-2 record.

Let’s keep that in mind, shall we? Sean McAdam says this is a different team from the one that went 0-4 against Rodrigo Lopez last year. David Heuschkel says that the Fossum trade is now looking like one of the best trades the Red Sox never made. OK, well, he said it the context of Hillenbrand’s hot start, but still, how quickly things change. Tony Massarotti has more on Hillenbrand, out to prove his doubters wrong. Dan Shaughnessy’s column today looking at Nomar’s day is great…until the last sentence. The CHB just had to get a CBC reference in there…Massarotti also looks at Garciaparra’s near cycle. Up in Manchester, Carole Robidoux says they’re trying to figure out what to name their new team. John Clayton looks at a a NH man who is marking his 36th straight year attending the Yankees home opener. At least Clayton admits he was conflicted writing the article. Hohler’s notebook has Tim Wakefield grateful of the offensive support he received. Silverman’s notebook, in addition to Wakefield makes sure to tell us Manny has a long way to go to catch Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, something Hohler also mentioned. McAdam’s notebook looks at Nomar’s bid for the cycle.

Kevin Paul Dupont points to Martin Brodeur as the biggest obstacle the Bruins face in attempting to knock off the Devils. Stephen Harris says the season is new for the Bruins now, in the only games that really count. James Murphy thinks its at least possible the Bruins could surprise in the first round. Steve Conroy looks at a couple of New England natives hoping to make life miserable for the Bruins.

Nick Cafardo and the Globe finally get around to reporting on the Patriots signing restricted free agent D-lineman Steve Woodard to an offer sheet. This has been reported elsewhere since Saturday. Nick was waiting for Chad Eaton to call him back. He also reports the Patriots offer as 605K…that was Seattle’s qualifying offer to Woodard, the Patriots likely offered more if they hope to land Woodard and not have Seattle match. After it looked like he was gone to Cleveland, Mike Reiss reports that Grey Ruegamer may just return to the Patriots after all. Rich Thompson says Adrian Klemm is hoping for a shot at full time duties this upcoming season.

OK, I was a week off. The 1510 “Morning Press Box” launched today, instead of next week. I got everything else right. They did actually talk sports this morning, something they described as a “novel concept”. They did divert from straight sports talk to play a quickly aborted game of “Hockey player, Tennis player or Porn star.” Names are given, and they had to choose which career matched the name.

John Molori’s Media Blitz gives praise to WEEI war talk, knocks Neumy on baseball and praises Steve Buckley. In the emailed version of the column, he also said Greg Dickerson looks like Screech. That bit was left off the online edition. I still think a more accurate comparison was someone who said Dickerson resembled the fat Matthew Perry.