No snide emails about the bullpen in my mailbox from media members this morning, so I guess that can only mean the Sox won. Or maybe 11 consecutive scoreless innings from the bullpen will do that. Or maybe the Sox fill-in pitching coach is having a huge impact. Jeff Horrigan reports on the game and how Pedro studied some video after the Derek Lowe face made an early appearance last night, suggested a correction to Lowe’s footwork, and helped him get back on track. Bob Hohler adds that Jason Varitek is another person Lowe has to thank for helping him out last night. Sean McAdam has praise for the bullpen. The Sox are using more than just Pedro’s coaching ability, as David Heuschkel reports on fill-in bullpen coach Doug Mirabelli telling Chad Fox he was the guy for the ninth last night. Tony Massarotti has more on Jason Varitek, looking at his potential with the bat, and giving some insight on a little incident prior to his hitting the home run last night that had the Sox catcher a little hot. Massarotti hung out strictly with the catchers last night, as he also has an article on Mirabelli and his tough day yesterday. All the criticism towards Theo for pursuing Kevin Millar seems to have subsided, I haven’t been listening to Eddie, but I doubt he’s been railing about Epstein offending the entire nation of Japan and possibly causing an international incident. Gordon Edes looks at Millar, who already seems to be very popular. Game winning home runs in the 16th inning will do that. Steve Buckley might’ve found his new local kid to write endlessly about. (Tony C. who?) Sean McAdam has more on Rocco Baldelli. Gordon Edes also looks at Chad Fox, who was able to close out the game last night. Fox is also impressed by fellow bullpen pitcher Brandon Lyon. Looks like the Red Sox will approve the move of a minor league team into Manchester, NH, a nice coup for that city. Michael Cousineau reports on the plans the city has for the team and new ballpark. Kevin Gray has more. Uh oh, Howard Bryant is upset. In his pay column today, he speaks out against any Sox fans who are happy with the Derek Jeter injury.

The first priority should be putting the Red Sox first in the minds of the rabid minions who follow this club.

Note to Los Fanaticos: Worry about the Red Sox. Let the Yankees worry about the Red Sox, not the other way around. Let this inferiority complex about the Yankees disappear like the freezing cold weather around here. Like this winter, it's lasted a long time, too long. When it ends, let the fifth major sport of Boston - fretting about the Yankees - be gone for good.

Buckley’s pay column today is about Chad Fox getting the save last night. Don’t strain your arm reaching for your credit card to read it. Luke Meredith gives us the top 10 cringe-inducing Red Sox moments since 1997. Among other thoughts on the Boston sports scene, Mark Farinella isn’t too impressed with the new Red Sox. Notebooks in the Globe and Herald focus on Lyon’s performance this spring, while McAdam’s notebook looks at the final day of Pedro contract talk.

Celtics beat a team they’ve had problems with this season, but should still have beaten easily. The key was the defense. Steve Bulpett and Shira Springer both emphasize this point. Carolyn Thornton notes that while the Heat are a last place team, the Celtics played with an intensity they’re going to need to continue to have. Lenny Megliola hopes that maybe this was finally the turning point for the Celtics. Mark Murphy looks at Paul Pierce possibly getting a lift heading into the last stretch of the season despite a rough year physically. Michael Smith says Pierce might’ve shown the outward symptoms of having a sore wrist, but his play sure didn’t seem to suffer. Murphy also has a chat with Red Auerbach, who gives his opinions on some college players, says Antoine became a man last season and some keys to the team coming down the stretch. Christopher Price looks at the Celtics seeking momentum coming down the stretch. Springer’s notebook looks at the return of Battie and Delk, Bulpett’s notebook has more on those two as well as a look ahead to Michael Jordan’s last Boston appearance on Sunday. Thornton’s notebook looks at the defense, and garners thoughts from Pat Riley on playing spoiler.

Michael Smith gives us a preview of a one-on-one interview with new Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin. The rest of the interview will appear on the Globe SportsPlus on NESN tonight. Mike Reiss reports that Pats backup offensive lineman Gary Ruegamer is about to sign with the Cleveland Browns. Tom Curran looks at Georgia linebacker Boss Bailey, brother of Champ, who is interested in coming to the Patriots. Curran mentions that Roman Phifer’s deal expires at the end of 2003. The NFLPA page for Phifer lists him as signed through 2005, but his salary escalates pretty high after 2003, so I’m assuming Curran is thinking that the deal will likely be ended or restructured after 2003. Nick Cafardo looks at the Patriots pursuit of Andy McCollum. Mixed in there is talk about Damien Woody’s contract situation. Nick’s wording is a little confusing…did the Patriots restructure Woody’s deal? Cafardo says:

Woody's compensation this season will be a shade under $2 million factoring in his $530,000 base salary. The staggering payment came on March 15, which also raised his cap number considerably and forced the Patriots to do a Tom Brady-like restructure.

But earlier, he had said that contract negotiations with Woody and his agent had broken off. Once again, turning to the NFLPA page, they still list Woody’s salary as 530k, and they’re pretty diligent about updating that stuff. So I’m not sure what Nick is talking about here. It would appear that Woody’s deal has not been redone, his cap number, even if he got the bonus, has not risen. In addition, is Nick trying to stir the pot by connecting the McCollum talks with Woody’s contract?

Steve Conroy and Nancy Marrapese-Burrell look at the imminent return of Sergei Samsonov. Conroy’s notebook looks at the Bruins struggles on the road this season.