Day two of being unemployed. Does this mean I’m now a bloodthirsty shut-in? When does my fellowship of the miserable membership kick in?

How soon before Gerry Callahan leaves the sports sector altogether and becomes a full time news/political commentator? I can see this happening.

More on the Red Sox. The post below this one deals with most of the articles featured in the Baseball Preview editions in the Globe and Providence Journal. David Heuschkel looks at the team as they break camp. Bob Hohler says there are no more excuses for this team. It’s built to win. It must win. Jeff Horrigan and Nick Cafardo look at Brandon Lyon, once a long shot to make the team, Grady Little called him the most pleasant surprise of the spring. Alex Speier looks at slugger David Ortiz, ready for what awaits him in Boston. Bob Hohler also looks at how bad the Bullpen was last year, and how it has been restocked for this year. Bill Griffith looks at the Red Sox TV and Radio coverage for the upcoming year. Kevin Gray looks at the New Hampshire flavor among the Red Sox operations staff. William Moran catches up with former Sox hot prospect Brian Rose. Alan Greenwood weighs in on Pedro. The Herald’s notebook reveals that the Monster seats may indeed be ready for the home opener.

The Bruins salvage a tie with the Flyers, Nancy Marrapese-Burrell feels the team played well for long stretches last night. Dan Hickling says the Bruins almost beat the Flyers at their own game. Stephen Harris says the Bruins might have earned a little respect in Philly, where they were labeled a “soft touch” team coming in. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook says that Jeff Hackett is likely to be out another week. Harris’ notebook reports that Hackett was gripping a stick in practice yesterday and the other injured goalie, Andrew Raycroft was able to do some skating. In Hickling’s notebook, he says with the trade deadline past, O’Connell picked the right time to move into the head coach position.

Just because the Celtics now have a back to back with the team with the fewest wins on the NBA, don’t think Jim O’Brien is feeling any better, that, according to Peter May. Only one other Celtic story, Steve Bulpett says the team needs to regain its mental toughness. That and remember how to play defense. Chris Collins of NECN reports that Jim O’Brien has approached ownership about a new contract and that he’s been given the brush-off. He’s also said to be furious about not being in the loop on the Baker situation. Collins also reported that Chris Wallace’s name has emerged as a GM candidate in Charlotte…we can hope, both for Wallace and for the Celtics that that is true. A good guy (the only member of the Celtics to attend the funeral of Tony Delk’s father) who needs to start over somewhere else. And yes, it was a game day for the Celtics the day of the funeral. I meant that as a compliment to Wallace for going, not an indictment to the rest of the team for not going. It was a nice gesture by Wallace to go.

Tom Brady met with the media yesterday from Patriots training camp. If you don’t want to read the stories, you can view the video on In print, Michael Smith reports on Brady finally getting a chance to catch up on that thing called life. He also reports on Brady’s contract restructure, which Christopher Price notes, isn’t as noble a gesture as it sounds. Interestingly, word of Brady’s contract restructure was making the rounds of Patriots message boards on Tuesday night, the first media story wasn’t until Felger mentioned it yesterday. Michael Felger reports on Rodney Harrison also meeting with the media, he’s excited to be here, and has already been to dinner with Lawyer Milloy. No mention of dinners with Tebucky Jones…Michael Parente also looks at Harrison, noting he’s changed his offseason routines with the move to the Patriots. He also weighs in on Brady. Back to the subject of contract restructures, it appears Troy Brown’s cap hit has changed, as cap genius Miguel notes: “The NFLPA site used to report Troy Brown’s salary as $1,750,000. It now reports it as $755,000 so it appears that the Patriots converted $955,000 of Brown’s old salary into a signing bonus in order to save $497,500 on the cap.” From what I understand, there was an option triggered, which guaranteed a portion of his money, and thus reduced the cap number by that amount.