has the story of the Harrison signing and has word that league sources have confirmed the Saints interest in Tebucky Jones. Peter King weighs in on the Harrison signing for the Patriots. Eric McHugh reports on the Rosevelt Colvin signing. Tom King says the shoulder was the only thing holding some teams back from pursuing Colvin more aggressively. Chris Kennedy says Colvin’s gut instinct told him New England was the place for him.

Tagboard news: Sometime before Friday, the Tagboard as it is now will cease to exist. The reason? Its overwhelming popularity. I got an email yesterday from a sheepish administrator of He told me they have a quarter of a million tagboards spread out on sites all over the Internet. This one here at BSMW at times is accounting for up to 5% of their total traffic, which is an incredible number. They can’t keep up with us, as you’ve likely noticed during lag times. They’ve refunded my money and are shutting off our board on Friday.

The good news? I have at least a temporary replacement lined up. This board will be similar, but with some slight differences. They think they’ll be able to keep up, but we’ll see. At some point we might need to have a custom Java chat app or something on here. I’m going to put the new board on either tonight or tomorrow night.