A bit of breaking news: Patriots.com has confirmed the earlier reports by Jim Trotter of the San Diego Union Tribune that Chargers safety Rodney Harrison has agreed to a deal with the Patriots. Adam Schefter reporting for the Denver Post, says the Raiders and Broncos are stunned that the Patriots swooped in and grabbed Harrison. Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune is also surprised.

It was with a bit of a spring in my step that I got out of bed at 5:45 this morning to see what everyone would have to say about the Rosevelt Colvin signing. Though Nick Cafardo did say on Monday that Colvin would be in the mix, he was unaware that Colvin had already been here and the sides were already talking. Because of his story yesterday, breaking the news that a deal could be struck quickly, Tom Curran gets first crack this morning. He also was able to talk to Belichick and get his thoughts about how the new linebacker is going to get used. Ron Borges reports on the signing, noting that the Patriots hope Colvin can stabilize their aging and slow defense. Kevin Mannix provides quotes from Colvin’s coach with the Bears, Dick Jauron, who says Colvin gets to the ball, wherever it is, and can play the run well. Shane Donaldson says this breaks the mold for Patriots signings under this, or any other regime, really. Michael Parente says that the Patriots got their man, he gives a little more than others on the surgery Colvin just had. Christopher Price says Colvin is glad the process is over, and just wants to get to work. Mike Reiss says the the Colvin signing could trigger some other moves, including dealing Tebucky Jones away. In another Donaldson article, after saying last week that he wouldn’t mind returning to the Jets, Victor Green, through his agent, says he’d like to stay here, but the agent says things could go sour if the Patriot sign another veteran safety.

The Bruins up with a pair of defensemen at the trading deadline, and could’ve used them in the OT loss to the Senators last night. But Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says they’ll take the point for the OT loss on the road against the top team in the east. Dan Hickling says there are worse things in life than a tie at the Corel Centre. Stephen Harris says a soft goal was once again the Bruins undoing. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at the acquisitions of Ian Moran and Dan McGillis to the defense. Harris also has an article on the Bruins deals for defense. Hickling also looks at the two incoming defensemen, and in his notebook looks at a race relations problem in hockey.

Gordon Edes & Bob Hohler report on a cancer scare for Sox pitching coach Tony Cloninger. (Update: David Heuschkel reports that Cloninger does have cancer) With the Sox taking on the Marlins, Kevin Millar was a focus of attention, with articles from Bob Ryan, who was struck by the popularity of Millar among the Marlins people, and Ed Gray, who notes that Millar is still adjusting to the big budget Sox after being with the cheap Marlins his whole career. Interesting, considering up until he bought the Red Sox, the owner of the Marlins was John Henry. Alex Speier looks at Julio Zuleta, hoping to finally stick with a big club. This guy can mash the ball. Casey Fossum was pitching yesterday, so that can only mean intense scrutiny and whispers of Bartolo Colon in the press box. Thankfully the whispers didn’t make it into any of the columns of the day. Michael Silverman advises taking a step back from the panic button. Sean McAdam says Fossum had much better command and seemed more at ease. Hohler’s notebook also leads with Fossum. Silverman’s notebook looks at Grady Little’s one year anniversary as manager of the club. McAdam’s notebook reports that Little isn’t concerned that his option hasn’t been picked up yet.

Peter May looks at old pals Paul Piece and Baron David who might finally get to play against each other tonight. Mark Murphy looks at Eric Williams, valued for doing the little things. Murphy’s notebook looks at a Hornets squad that is finally healthy.