With it being a cold Thursday in January, football over and the Bruins and Celtics off last night, the Red Sox move to the limelight. With the Boston media being a day late to the party once again, they scramble to report on the new seating at Fenway. I’m still wondering why a New York paper had the first article detailing the plans for the seats above the Monster. Yes, the New York Times, which ran story is connected to the Red Sox ownership, so that’s one angle, but so is the Globe. Maybe the owners are already fed up with the Boston media, and gave this to NY to spite them. Probably not. Or maybe this is a PR trick. I sound like Eddie here, but maybe the owners gave it to a paper in the biggest market in the country, knowing it would certainly trickle this way, if they could get the NY media behind them, criticism from Boston might look silly. Don’t know. Of course, it’s always possible that the NY writers just out-worked, the Boston ones. That wouldn’t be the first time, not the first time even this winter.

Anyway. Gordon Edes has the Globe version of that Times story, though a somewhat more brief edition. Tony Massarotti writes that the changes are good, and make sense. He aims his article towards fans who are afraid and resentful of change. Painting with a broad brush. Art Martone also lists out the changes you can expect to see at Fenway. Steve Buckley looks at the changes and decisions made by the “ambitious carpetbaggers” (I think he meant it affectionately) tell you what he likes and doesn’t like. He does manage to work in his Tony C Pitch. Christopher Price puts the changes in a nutshell for the Metro. David Heuschkel looks at the controversy surrounding the new ticket purchasing plan unveiled earlier in the week. Edes also has a story detailing the Sox response to the negative reaction that the ticket plan caused. The best idea in Dan Shaughnessy’s article about additional ways the Red Sox can raise revenue is the sportswriters dunking booth. How many would line up to take their shots at the CHB? Massarotti’s notebook leads off with Lucchino denying collusion charges in MLB, while Edes’s notebook says don’t expect the Sox to pick up Grady Little’s option anytime soon.

Steve Bulpett gets Chris Wallace to claim the Vin Baker deal as his own, but doesn’t really put his feet to fire for it. Perhaps he’s afraid of getting his seats moved back even further. A great call on the WEEI whiner line yesterday…What’s the difference between Barret Robbins and Vin Baker? One is a depressed, overweight slob who lets his teammates down and the other is the All-Pro Center for the Oakland Raiders…Shira Springer writes that the Celtics have garnered a reputation around the league as a “gritty” and “tough minded” team. Ron Borges, writing for MSNBC, tries his hand at writing about the NBA his topic is misconduct in the the league and the meaningless apologies that are issued. Michael Gee hates all star games.

Tom Curran gets player to reaction to the Patriots possibly losing Romeo Crennel to a head coaching position. Bill Reynolds gets around to commenting on the Bill Belichick-written piece that appeared in the NY Times Op-Ed section Sunday.

Stephen Harris has a mini-feature on Jeff Hackett. Jim Greenidge briefly notes how Steve Shields feels being relegated to the background with the arrival of Hackett. Harris’ notebook mentions that we might be seeing Don Sweeny on the ice again soon.

Sean McDonough commented on his WFAN interview from last week, noting that he resented the comments from people who don’t really know his situation. He buffered his statement about if he had it to do over he’d be calling Mets games by saying there were other factors besides his dad which motivated him to stay in Boston. He also said some of his comments were made for the benefit of the New York listening audience as he wanted them to all know how wonderfully the Mets treated him. He said just because he said how much he liked Joe O’Donnell and Steve Carp, that doesn’t mean he dislikes John Henry and Tom Werner. Ron Borges was also on the program and said Bob Kraft should think twice before giving Bill Belichick a contract extension. He brought up the incident he mentioned over the weekend where sources tell him that Belichick discouraged the Bears from going after Bledsoe. When a caller said he thought Belichick was a decent and honest human being, Borges snorted. When asked why he only trashes Belichick, Borges said that when Belichick does something good, he’ll write about it. He said its taboo in this town to say anything bad about Belichick.

Finally, from Philadelphia, you can only imagine if this sort of thing happened here. We only get talk show hosts driving their cars into buildings and then fleeing, we don’t get stuff like what’s happening to Howard Eskin. Just read it. Eskin is sort of the Ron Borges of the airwaves in Philly. He’s always saying controversial stuff and knocking the Philly teams and fans. I particularly like his explanation in the fourth sentence from the end.

ESPN has Bruins/Blackhawks at 8:00. FSNE has BU/Merrimack hockey at 7:00 and Oregon/UCLA college basketball at 10:30. TNT has Timberwolves/Mavs at 7:30 and Sonics/Kings at 10:00.