Steve Buckley’s heart was in the right place with his column today. Something light, dare I say…positive, no references to Tony C, and only one factual screwup. He’s writing about Jeff Hackett playing goal for the Bruins while wearing the pad from his Montreal days. He compares it to Larry Bird’s retirement night at the Garden, where he claims that “Magic Johnson, Bird’s longtime nemesis, unbuttoned his shirt to reveal – be still all our hearts – a Boston Celtics uniform top.” He goes on later to refer to Magic “sporting a Celtics jersey, right there at the Garden, right next to Larry.” Nice story, it really is. Unfortunately, Magic was only wearing a gray Celtics t-shirt under that Lakers warmup suit…not a uniform jersey. Well give Buck credit for trying though. As for Hackett, after only two games, Jim Greenidge says he is the “toast of Causeway Street.” Joe McDonald says Hackett is the talk of the town, but he