The host I was using to create the website polls appears to have gone belly-up. I tried another host briefly, but the poll looked dog-ugly. I’m in the process of looking for another place to create polls with. I’ve looked at about 10 so far this morning, and none have been right. Most limit the amount of characters you can include in the question or answers, other have ads included in the poll, and others are just ugly. If anyone has a good poll software program, let me know. Then I’ll bump the Amazon box down lower on the page again. By the way…would there be any interest in an Amazon “store” here? I was thinking of putting together all the books and movies related to Boston sports and by Boston writers and creating a mini “store-front” type page. I would get some minor commission on anything bought through here. Not looking to get rich, just looking for more to offer. Any other site improvement suggestions are also welcome.