With Eddie and Jags en route to San Diego for the Super Bowl, Steve Burton and Tom Caron of NESN filled in on the WWZN midday show to provide a refreshing change of pace. They took predictions on the big game, talked to Tony Massarotti about the Red Sox, and took more calls than Eddie ever has.

Dale & Neumy spent quite a chunk of time discussing the ESPN.com franchise rankings. Patriots come in 16th, Celtics 42, Bruins 81, and Red Sox 89.

Not everyone thinks the WWZN morning show needs help, Shawn writes in:

“I couldn’t disagree with you more. I still think D&C is the worst sports program on the air. Certifiably unlistenable. On the other hand, I like the Mike Adams show. Not negative at all. They mix in a lot of different stuff. Stampy(Stumpy) is actually pretty funny and adds another element. It’s everything opposite of the D&C show, which is maybe why I like it.”

(I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails going the other way, agreeing with what I said, but I want the other side to be heard too.)

Well Shawn, I said I want to like the show, I just can’t right now. I want Adams to succeed, but he needs help there.

The Buffalo News has a pretty extensive look at Celtics rookie J.R. Bremer.

The Tuesday Morning Quarterback notes the football gods are likely wincing at this Super Bowl matchup. If you missed it from the weekend, Tom Curran debuted his bi-weekly Patriots mailbag, and had a 1-1 interview with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Nick Cafardo has his mailbag and his weekly pre-mailbag comments as well, which include a little anecdote from the Will McDonough Memorial Services at the Fleet Center. ESPN.com is reporting that Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennell is among those who will be interviewed for the 49ers head coaching job.