Super Bowl stories can wait just a moment. How many people turned off the Celtics game at halftime, when TNT’s Charles Barkley said the Celtics were a disgrace and that “Larry Bird must be rolling over in his grave watching the Celtics tonight.” or just after the half, when they trailed by 23? Sure the Sixers have been struggling, seemingly finding new ways to give away games every night, but coming back from 23 down in the third quarter on the road against anyone is an accomplishment. Mark Murphy and Shira Springer report from the First Union Center, affectionately known in Philadelphia as the “F-U” Center. Springer notes that Walker and Pierce were engaged in trash talk with fans down the stretch of the game. Perhaps not the wisest move. Especially if those two want to be Olympians and the coach of the Olympic team is sitting on the opposing bench. Dan Hickling writes that the comeback is a tribute to the heart of the Celtics. Murphy reports that surgery is a increasing possibility for Tony Battie. Springer’s notebook leads with an update on Antoine Walker’s knee, which hobbled him down the stretch, Hickling’s notebook touches on Battie, Grant Long and that last night was the midpoint of the season. Murphy’s notebook has more on Walker’s knee, and the trash talking and taunting between the Celtics and the Sixer fans. Philadelphia has it’s share of idiot columnists too, who revel in losing. (Boston hasn’t quite cornered the market yet.) Witness William Bunch’s article yesterday after the Eagles lost in the NFC championship.

Is there anyway a petition or fund can be started to send Ron Borges to Oakland for good? He used to cover to Raiders, and clearly loves the team, the fans and the owner. He praises the fact they have “an offense that dinks and dunks and tosses the ball quickly.” (wasn’t that what he hated the most about the Patriots passing game?) and adds that it’s “an offense perfectly suited to combat the fast, aggressive defense of the Buccaneers.” He goes on to conclude that the Raiders will win Sunday, because they won their last three Super Bowls with offense, (er, the last one was in 1983, Ron.) they should win this one too then. Can’t defy that logic. Maybe they will win, but it won’t have anything to do with 1976, 1980 or 1983. George Kimball on the other hand, isn’t so impressed by the Raiders or their fans. He notes that ” Super Bowl XXXVII may mark the first time in the history of the event in which Satan has an active rooting interest.” Michael Felger looks at the matchup of strength against strength. While Borges drools over the Raiders unstoppable offense, Jon Couture provides a history lesson to the effect that the better defense usually wins these games. My fever from last week must be continuing, as Dan Shaughnessy’s column is mostly readable again. Dan makes note of all the local ties and connections in the game, leading to who you should be rooting for. Bob Ryan is pretty pumped that the Raiders are back in the Super Bowl. Felger’s Super Bowl notebook looks at Bill Romanowski vying for his fifth Super Bowl ring, and a juiced Joe Jurevicius. Michael Smith looks at the Raiders cocky third receiver, Joey Porter. Nick Cafardo has a piece on NFC title game hero Ronde Barber. Christopher Price says this year’s Super Bowl has a lot to do to top the one we saw last year.

Gordon Edes reports on the Sox closing in on Shaughnessy favorite David Ortiz and Australian David Nilsson.Tony Massarotti reports that there is nothing to report on the status of Kevin Millar. Michael Gee says Bud Selig must’ve thought up this All Star game thing while smoking crack.

The presence of Jumbo Joe helped the Bruins secure a 3-3 tie yesterday afternoon. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says that Thornton’s effort was reminiscent of another Bruin’s captain, Ray Bourque, lifting the team and carrying it on his back. Stephen Harris reports that the Bruins are pleased to have salvaged the tie. Kevin Paul Dupont says that now is the time for this team to get going, or Ftorek could pay the price. Karen Guregian concurs. Steve Conroy looks at the dual effort between Thornton and Glen Murray yesterday. Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook looks at the rough start by rookie center Kris Vernarsky. Harris’ notebook looks at a bruised P.J. Axelsson.

Jim Baker has a look at the troubled NHL and how that effects broadcasts. John Molori reports on the latest radio ratings book, (no surprise, WEEI continues to be the 800lb gorilla of the market) and has another tribute to Will McDonough. Joe Sullivan says this sports writing thing isn’t as easy as you might think. Try coming up with ideas week after week. We all pity your plight Joe. And no, I wasn’t the guy he mentions in his column that writes in ripping him all the time.

Alright, I’ll say it. The Mike Adams morning show on 1510 is a disaster. The thing is, Candy has actually gotten better. She’s no Suzy Kolber yet, but she’s better than she was when the show first started. Mike needs to drop the “I was out all night drinking and am severely hung over” act that he plays up every day. When did “Stumpy” or “Stampy” or whatever his name is become the co-host? That accent of his grates on the ears big time. Mike knows baseball. He doesn’t know basketball, and it is reflected whenever he tries to talk Celtics or interview a reporter or someone else on the topic of the Celtics and the NBA. The show needs to be revamped. Get Mike a real co-host who has interviewing skills, and who can be the “straight man” to Mike’s wackiness. Someone to keep him in check a bit. Let Candy keep doing the updates and traffic reports and give her time improve some more. When the show was launched, it seemed there would be various co-hosts coming in and out to join Mike. There haven’t been any. Adams is unquestionably talented and can be incredibly entertaining in the right environment. This isn’t it. I want to like this show. It could be a nice contrast to the biting anger of the Dennis & Callahan show, but right now, D&C, headlines segment and all, is the far better choice.

ESPN has Ohio State/Indiana college basketball at 7:00. They follow it with Alabama/Mississippi at 9:00. ESPN2 has Virginia/Virginia Tech at 7:30. NESN has George Washington/Richmond at 7:00.