Light day for local sports today. First, from Saturday is Will McDonough’s column which was discussed below on Sports Final last night. He blasts Larry Lucchino for getting into a media tiff with George Steinbrenner and the Yankees, for not being around enough, and says that he’s trying to get in with a group aiming to bring the Expos to Washington. While I’m not a big Larry Lucchino fan, you can’t help but wonder if ol’ Will has been looking for something to blast the Red Sox on since the ugly negotiations with his son Sean last month. I said at that time to watch for Will to slam the Red Sox hard and often in the weeks to come. Was this the opening salvo?

From the NFL playoffs, Bob Ryan hopes we appreciate Lonnie Paxton after watching the Giants lose yesterday because the long snapper couldn’t get the ball out cleanly. George Kimball writes about Chad Pennington, throwing this line in there: “Comparing what Pennington wrought in his first season as a starter with Brady’s 2001 debut with the Patriots, on the other hand, is not terribly unfair. Yes, Brady won a Super Bowl, but think about this: He also was a tuck-rule away from losing his playoff debut. Pennington’s first postseason trial by fire against the Colts was somewhat more impressive.” Nice invalidation of Brady there. Of course, Pennington is a Chad Morton kickoff return in OT on opening day against the Bills away from not being in the playoffs altogether. Alan Greenberg looks at the Jets playing the Raiders for the forth time in a year. Joe Burris reports on the Steelers comeback against the Browns. Peter King files his Monday Morning Quarterback column. King never answered my e-mails to him about his slams on Manny Ramirez in consecutive weeks, in case anyone was wondering.

John Tomase has a simple request for the new owners of the Celtics. Fire Chris Wallace and bring in Larry Bird. Shira Springer says Mikki Moore will be the newest Celtic. Mark Murphy looks at Michael Jordan’s appearance tonight at the FleetCenter fresh off a 41 point performance over the weekend. Springer’s notebook chronicles the respect several Celtics have for Jordan. Michael Gee says Jordan’s drive for winning and competitiveness keep him from accepting a lesser role and fading out of the spotlight.

Michael Silverman looks at a few issues looking for quick resolution with the Red Sox. Yesterday, Tony Massarotti examined the new approach taken by the Red Sox to solve old issues. Also over the weekend, Peter Gammons addresses Steinbrenner’s actions lately, such as planting the story that Theo broke a chair after losing out on the Contreras signing, going ballistic payroll wise, and even putting flags over the heads of his own people. Gammons also wishes to never again hear the phrase “The curse of the bambino”. Welcome to the club, Peter.

You know its a slow news day when Dan Shaughnessy can submit a full length column on what a slow and lousy runner he is, and it makes the paper.

FSNE has Celtics/Wizards at 7:00. ESPN2 has Kings/Wild NHL action at 8:00. ESPN has college hoops with Notre Dame/Pittsburgh at 7:00, Iowa State/Kansas at 9:00 and Texas Tech/San Diego State at midnight.