Dennis & Callahan had Larry Lucchino on at 8:30 this morning, but the real news was that they then had Will McDonough on at 9:00. I guess Will doesn’t count as a Globe employee anymore since they’re not allowed on WEEI. (Technically I’m told he’s a “freelancer”)

Also, as a regular on 1510, it’s weird that he would appear there. Someone who heard it said it sounded like an unscheduled call, as if Will were calling in to defend himself. I didn’t get to hear it, but I’m assuming it will be part of the replay schedule at 6:00.

Lucchino got slight jabs in by referring to McDonough as the “football writer”.

Lotsa good hockey talk on Dale & Neumy. A caller suggested Ftorek should be fired. An analysis of the roster followed with Dale giving his rating of the Bruins defensemen on the 1-6 scale. Eddie Andelman railed more about sports teams being concerned about PR and placed his full support behind Will McDonough’s article from Saturday. Eddie went on and on about the Red Sox and Lucchino and his “puppet” Theo Epstein. He called them a disgrace, talked about them taking over the area around Fenway, and kissing butt to all the reporters etc etc. He repeated his tired line that since 1510 has no ties to the team that they can be objective and don’t have to kiss up to the team.

On the Big Show, Glen Ordway was joined by Fred Smerlas and Steve Nelson, and talked about the NFL playoff games this weekend. They also skewered the performance of two broadcasters…Keith Jackson and Brent Musberger. Ordway in particular was all over Musberger, and how dreadful his performance was. He again raised the question of why ABC didn’t bring in the ESPN crew to do this game. Ordway also challenged the assertions put forth by Will McDonough’s article and on Sports Final last night. He said that while he doesn’t agree with all that Lucchino has done, and in fact disagrees with much of it, McDonough’s article actually is a turnabout from what he was saying a month ago. But Glen, that was before the Red Sox played hardball with Will’s son.

Speaking of whom, Sean was joined by papa Will, Ron Borges and Michael Smith on the McDonough group. The Jets love-fest continued with Will calling them the best team in football right now. They will beat the Raiders this weekend. Smith wants to put an end to the “Jets are the 2001 Patriots” talk because the Jets have so much more talent than last years Patriots. Sean suggested that the Patriots coaches should be given credit since they finished 9-7 same as the Jets and Dolphins despite having much less talent.

Ron Hobson wraps up the weekend of NFL football. Mark Farinella says the Tuna will make things interesting in Dallas. Del Jones says the Celtics need to avoid a slow start tonight.