Still light links as I take a break from digging out….if there’s anything interesting on radio this afternoon I may have a post later as well…

All stories pretty dour today. Nick Cafardo looks at a frustrated Matt Light, who could be in for a long day on Sunday. Jason Taylor sounds pretty confident in this article, and he has good reason. Light hasn’t shown he can do anything to contain Taylor to this point in his career. I’m looking for J.R. Redmond to be on the active roster again this week, as he’s the only back they have who can pick up a blitz or pass block even a little. Tom Curran says that the Patriots offensive is predictable…and easily stoppable. Michael Felger notes that the team has no confidence right now. Christopher Price looks at the Dolphins’ historical struggles in Foxboro in the cold. Buddy Thomas doesn’t like watching football anymore. Cafardo’s notebook tries to figure out which team has an edge in this matchup. Felger’s notebook says that the Pats aren’t in danger of losing coaches should Bill Parcells return to the NFL. Curran’s notebook looks at how much the Patriots use players on special teams.

How can a team that plays as well as the Celtics do at time, be so horrible…twice this season? The debacle at Washington on the second night of the season was only slightly worse than yesterday’s nightmare on national TV. Gordon Edes drew the assignment of going to the Jersey swamps in a blizzard to cover a terrible game. The headline of Steve Bulpett’s article says it all: “Celts a big flop as country watches”. Hey, at least Kedrick Brown got some playing time, right? Or as Bulpett’s notebook puts it: “Ruben Wolkowyski” is Argentine for “white towel.” . . .Edes notebook looks at stymied travel plans and bored announcers.

John Tomase examines a potential Ramiro Mendoza signing, comparing the numbers with what you see on the field from the free agent pitcher. In the NY Times, (Yes, free registration required if you haven’t already) Murray Chass says the Red Sox might be better off not having gotten Contreras. In case you missed it yesterday, Tony Massarotti says that because the Sox lost out on Contreras, they should sign Roger Clemens…at any cost.