A pretty slow day on the sports radio airwaves thus far. Eddie and Jags have submitted an utterly forgetable show thus far…literally. I’ve had it on almost all afternoon and can’t remember anything they’ve talked about. I do recall they had ML Carr and Jan Volk on as guests, both to talk about the Bird/Belkin group, with which they were both associated with, not getting the Charlotte NBA franchise. Volk recalled being told just a day or two ago by someone on the committee after his groups presentation that there “wasn’t much of a choice to make”. He took it as a good sign. Apparently it wasn’t. Pete Sheppard once again filled in for Glen Ordway on the Big Show and was joined by Steve Buckley and Sean McAdam for a lot of baseball talk. Talking about Roger Clemens, Buckley talked about his huge house in Texas with the gym and all, and added at the end, “He hasn’t done too badly for himself since he left here.” Well, Buck, seeing as how the Red Sox twice made him the highest paid player in baseball, he didn’t do too badly while he was here, either. Ron Borges and Steve Burton joined Sean on The McDonough Group. After a slow start, Borges came on strong in the second hour to tell us all the things he told us early in the year about the faults of this Patriots team. Nobody does “I told you so” quite like Ronnie.

Eric McHugh looks at the playoff picture. Jonathan Comey says stick a fork in ’em. Mark Farinella makes the case again for Gino Cappelletti for the Pro Football Hall of fame, and also takes a shot at Gerry Callahan.

Tim Weisberg says Pierce and Walker can’t do it by themselves forever. Del Jones says that these losses to lesser opponents could prove costly.

Bob Halloran has a theory on short names and greatness.