Surprise, surprise. Patriots lose, and who reappears out of the woodwork? After disappearing during a three game winning streak including a win over his boy, Drew Bledsoe, Ron “I’d rather be covering boxing” Borges, returns after last night’s pathetic Patriots performance to proclaim once again, that this team is no good, and that he’s been telling you that all along. This is a tired old theme, sort of like Borges himself. I’ll let him have his satisfaction and quit beating the dead horse. Kevin Mannix jumps aboard the now-full “Patriots can’t beat good teams” bandwagon. Alan Greenberg says actually the Patriots showed us a lot last night. All of it bad. Michael Felger tries to be less negative then most, but that’s a difficult task given the performance. Tom Curran questions a group of seemingly confused Patriots. Nick Cafardo says not only was the score 24-7, the Titans can beat the Patriots 24/7. Dan Shaughnessy says that the Patriots have used up the last of their good luck. Sean McAdam says this team is just a colossal collection of question marks.

So what was the deciding factor in the game? Michael Smith looks at the huge difference in time of possession. Jeff Horrigan says the battle was lost on the line. McAdam says that two wrong turns decided the game. Howard Bryant says the defensive front was porous, allowing huge gains. Greenberg says the defense was just pushed around. Horrigan also writes about Buckley coughing up the one big chance the Patriots had. A Belichick disciple runs the Titans defense. George Kimball looks at the key passes by Brady that didn’t connect. Gordon Edes looks at Steve McNair. Smith also looks at Eddie George. Cafardo’s notebook has no answers to the tough questions. Felgers notebook leads with some contract decisions looming.

Another familiar scene the last few years is the Celtics struggles against the Bulls. Last night continued that theme. Steve Bulpett and Shira Springer report on the frustrating loss in Chicago. Peter May looks at the looming decision on the Charlotte franchise and Larry Bird’s thoughts on it. Bulpett also looks at Antoine Walker being honored by the NBA, a topic also leading off Springer’s notebook. Bulpett’s notebook looks at the absence of Tony Delk last night and how it hurt the team.

No deal with Montreal yet. Bob Hohler says the Sox are in a battle with the Yankees over who gets to trade with the Expos. Jeff Horrigan doesn’t seem to think that any deals for the Red Sox are imminent. Sean McAdam isn’t optimistic either. Gordon Edes floats Jeff Kent’s name out there as a possibility for first base for the Red Sox. I think there’s a better chance of Nick Cafardo saying that trading Drew Bledsoe to the Bills was a good move, then Kent coming here. After criticizing him on the radio yesterday, Tony Massarotti praises Theo Epstein today, calling him “no fool” and “very shrewd”. Hohler’s notebook looks at the Rule 5 draft pickups. McAdam’s notebook just about closes the door on a Clemens return, and tells us who the new hitting coach will be. Horrigan’s notebook also focuses on the Rule 5 pickups.

Bill Griffith looks at HBO’s “Real Sports” show tonight focusing on Martha Burk and the Augusta National controversy. The interview with Burk is riveting. Griffith also has a piece on last night’s MNF telecast. Over in the Herald, Jim Baker also focuses on the HBO show, has word from Melissa Stark and has a line or two on the Sunday night shows. John Molori profiles a few he labels “hidden gems” in the Boston media. Youngster Jon Couture enjoys the broadcasters in Boston and feels lucky to have the ones that have been here for so long. Especially Tommy.