Pete Rose was a hot topic on both WEEI and WWZN today. Eddie feels Pete Rose should immediately be pardoned and enshrined in the hall of fame. He feels the same about Joe Jackson. They tried to stir up calls by asking people to submit entries for the Sports moment of the year. Eddie also stated that most of the media in Boston is jealous of Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges because they have the courage to speak out and because of their integrity. Good call, Eddie. He also again made fun of Theo Epstein and his age. Over on WEEI, talk was much the same, Arnold and Neumeier both agreeing that should Rose publicly admit to wrongdoing, that he should be reinstated and placed on the hall ballot. A caller tried to make a comparison with NFL stars Paul Hornung and Alex Karras who were suspended in 1963 for gambling. Dale and Nuemy both agreed that these guys admitted their mistakes, and went onto live productive, and lucrative lives. But were not Hall of Famers. They talked about how neither of these guys were in the hall, and Neumy even went so far as to look up statistics for Hornung, and declared that his stats were not of Hall of Fame caliber. I guess Neumy wasn’t on the selection committee that elected Paul Hornung to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986. I didn’t hear the last hour of the program, so I assume that someone called in to correct them. If Neumy was going to go to the trouble of looking up and analyzing Hornung’s stats, why not just go to Google and type “Paul Hornung” and “Hall of Fame”? Took 5 seconds to do that and I had the answer. I was positive he was in the Hall and it took seconds to confirm it. Sean McDonough still hasn’t got a decision on his future, he hopes, like yesterday to have one made before the end of his show today. With Kevin Paul Dupont along with the three NESN post game analysts coming on the show at different times there is a lot of hockey talk planned for today.

Eric McHugh looks at The Beast, Richard Seymour. Christopher Price has the Patriots not satisfied with their record and looking for more in his Metro piece today. Mark Farinella has a holiday gift guide for sports fans. Chris Kennedy reminds us that if the playoffs started today, the Patriots would not be in.

Vin Baker tells Tim Weisberg: “I’m going to have my turn.” While Weisberg thinks Baker can turn it around, Gary Fitz has no such expectations. He wants a retirement party for Vin, now. Hope Fitz isn’t thinking that Vin retiring will help the Celtics at all. They’ll still be saddled with his salary under the cap. At least now they have a body here, one that is capable it seems of bringing maybe 10 & 5 off the bench, if he retires, they have nothing.

On, Sean McAdam speculates on trades for Vladimir Guerrero, none of which involve the Red Sox and Nomar.