Bonus Saturday coverage of Steve Buckley trying to create “Red Sox star doesn’t want to play here” Part II

For the second time in a week, there is a clear case of “Who do you believe?” in the Boston media. Last weekend Gordon Edes and Will McDonough had starkly contrasting pieces on why Sox phenom Hanly Ramirez was sent home from the Instructional league. McDonough said it was for “acting like a jerk”, while Edes had a Red Sox source tell him it was a “relatively minor disciplinary action.”

Today, Steve Buckley has a poorly edited, rambling, repeating story in which he asserts that “one source” has told him that at a recent meeting between owner John Henry and Manny Ramirez, that Manny asked to be traded. The story is clearly a rush job, and several paragraphs in the online edition are repeated verbatim. I wonder if Buckley’s “one source” is the same guy who told me that “Mike Port is gone” yesterday morning. (Just kidding big guy…I know it isn’t you) The whole thing is curious, as it seems this happened a while ago. Buckley says “As recently as two weeks ago.” If Buck really wanted to make a splash with this, you’d think he’d have put it out there on a day he was going to be on the “Big Show”. Given Buckley’s criticism of Manny in the past, and also the fact that he uses the rest of the article to take some shots at the front office and the GM, I think Buckley discredits himself as an objective reporter…which is what he’s trying to do here…he’s trying to report a news story, but lets commentary cloud his objectivity and ultimately, discredit his facts.

In any event, Gordon Edes was quick to come back with a counter piece. He, unlike Buckley, was actually able to get through to Manny’s agent, who flatly denies that Manny asked out, and in fact tells Edes that for Manny, “”The adjustment is complete,” and that “Manny Ramirez is a member of the Boston Red Sox, as happy as can be, for the next six years and possibly eight.”

I’m going with Edes here. Not only has his track record been solid, he was able to talk to a key figure that Buckley was not. After Buckley’s little episode over the summer with Nomar, his reputation as “the baseball dude” is tarnished. This is little more than grandstanding. Let me ask you this. Can you seriously picture Manny talking to John Henry and telling him he wants to be traded? From all indications, it appears that Manny’s agent was not at this lunch meeting, I simply cannot picture the bashful Ramirez saying such a thing to the owner. Remember when he showed up this past year at spring training, and all the media asked him about being uncomfortable and regretting his decision to come to Boston? Manny acted like there was never any problems, dismissing the questions. He was like a little kid embarrassed in front of all his friends. I think he would be the same with the owner of the team. If he wanted a trade, he would tell his agent, who would then take the appropriate steps.

Of course, the other end of the spectrum is that Manny really did ask for a trade, and the Red Sox, through their ownership ties with the Globe, immediately put this piece through to put a stop to the rumors. I kinda doubt that, but you never know.